Gender and deception in advertising

By | 06.04.2016

Alina Dudarev
Gender and deception in advertising

A. Dudarev Advertising image. Man and woman. — M., 2004, p. 156-157, 160-161.

I now turn to the question of trust in advertising. This question is very important because if the advertisement is not credible, the advertised goods it will buy.
I think that these words do not cause no doubt, but many are not even aware that there is a direct relationship between trust and the floor. However, it is so. It is known that the nature of the woman of his more trusting than men, and this phenomenon has a historical background and has its origins, it is not surprising, even in primitive society. The fact is that in those days a woman is entirely dependent on men, and therefore had to trust him. Man, on the contrary, it was to protect the tribe, and therefore always be on our guard, to anticipate danger. This information was deposited at the genetic level and passed down from generation to generation. Centuries have passed, man has ceased to be the sole support of women, but credulity, and to this day is characteristic of women.
The credulity, this is not a gold mine for unscrupulous advertisers, and use it not as easy as it seems at first glance. Despite the fact that a woman tends to see in others only good trick her is not so simple, and in order to convince her to purchase a product, you have to work hard. Perhaps the woman is protected from false advertising to a greater extent than men. The man, prone to analyze the information received is likely to believe advertising, if what is said in it about the product does not conflict with the logic and does not seem obvious lie. Therefore, the male advertising is very important text, which must be very concise, clear, logical. Just how convincing is acting, is not so important as gestures and facial expressions for men are a little more information, I remind you that a man can perceive no more than 2,000 intonation and non-verbal signals, while the woman, more 5000. The situation dealing with advertising for women. Nature that made ​​the woman initially trusting, awarded her such a valuable quality as insight. That is why a woman is much more difficult to cheat than men, because a woman, unlike men, can distinguish between intonation, micro-gestures.

Because, until recently, the only way to determine whether the child was healthy attentive tracking the slightest change in his behavior. For the so-called weaker sex there is no detail, and often the details deserve serious attention. A particularly important role is played by the ability to decode non-verbal cues that say a lot more, and most importantly more truthful than words. So before you start creating your movie aimed at women, you need to carefully examine it, what does this or that gesture, and the actors must make every effort so that their movements were the most convincing and sincere. Especially important is body language when the target audience is the mother of small children who have not yet spoken. It is in this period of his life, a woman is particularly observant and sensitive to the manifestation of non-verbal signals, due to which she realizes her child. In addition, at this time a woman loses excessive credulity, because it must protect his child. This is especially important when creating advertising for baby products (diapers, baby food, etc.).

Another important aspect in the creation of advertising is the use of voice. It was found that the male voice is more credible than the female. More precisely — the voice of a woman is not confidence. That is why a woman, as a rule, says only that part of the text, which creates emotional. And the man behind the scenes confident voice talks about the advantages of the advertised product. Then again the word «give» the woman, and she aspirated, says all known to her interjection, expressing admiration for the goods. Now a similar distribution of voice roles between men and women has become the rule, which helps to make advertising more effective. The basis of this phenomenon is the gender stereotype that women are talkative and tend to embellish reality, and excessive emotionality only increases distrust of women. The men — another reputation. They, in contrast to restrained women, logical and objective. The extent to which this state of things rightly, is another matter, the main thing, that knowledge of it helps make advertising effective.

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