game DVR to Windows 10: a function to record video games

By | 10.12.2018

Game DVR on Windows 10: the function to record videos in games

For anybody not a secret that Windows 10 contains a regular universal Xbox app, which aims to realize the full potential of the gaming platform of Microsoft on the desktop.

A few days earlier, this app has received an update that adds, among other things, the ability to stream Xbox One games on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet running Windows 10.

Most of you probably already know that the Xbox app hides in its bosom and the recorder function («game DVR»), which allows to record video in games and take pictures of the screen. However, after a careful study of the latest build 10240 revealed that record not only in gaming sessions, but also within applications.

To activate Game DVR, you have to press the Windows key + G which starts the horizontal bar with buttons to create a screen shot or recording. However, do not expect to see something at the level of the professional programs used by players around the world, but for those who need something quick, simple and free, this is more than enough.

It should again be noted that recording is possible only within the application that is using this function, you will not be able to record what is happening on the desktop. Recording is done at a maximum resolution of 1080p, the function imposes certain requirements for the graphics card:

  • AMD Radeon HD 700, HD 7000M, HD 8000 and HD 8000M, R9 and R7.
  • Nvidia: GeForce 600 series or higher, GeForce 800M or higher, Quadro Kxxx or higher.
  • Intel: HD Graphics 4000 or above, the Iris 5100 or above.

Also you can not activate this feature if the operating system installed on the virtual machine.

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