Galaxy S10 will include one of the best features of iPhone X

By | 10.12.2018

Galaxy S10 will include one of the best features of the iPhone X

According to Korean news Agency The Bell, Samsung has enlisted the support of the two companies to develop a system of face recognition, the same Face ID of the flagship iPhone X. These companies are Mantis Vision, an Israeli startup, and Korean Namuga producing modules for the cameras.

3D face recognition system is developed for integration with Galaxy S10 in early 2019. This will be a big step forward for biometric sensor for facial recognition Samsung. Stripped-down two-dimensional version with iridocorneal is available for the current devices, but it’s not very safe. Tests have shown that it can be easily fooled by a simple photograph.

Galaxy S10 включит в себя одну из лучших функций iPhone X

The creation of a new system of facial recognition with 3D interface will put Samsung on par with Apple. Last year Ming-Chi Kuo, a notorious analyst of the KGI Securities, claimed that the system of Face ID from Apple two and a half years ahead of the competition with Android. If Samsung will be able to create their own version, it will be reduced to about one and a half years. This could be quite a feat.

Adding new functions such as three-dimensional facial recognition will also be important to create an advertising hype around the Galaxy S10. Today, interest in Galaxy S9 tepid at best, as it is simply a improved version of the S8.

If the Korean tech giant will develop its own system of identifying individuals, it is highly interesting to see how the UI will look relatively with Apple.

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