fulminant if this Edge, as it describes Microsoft?

By | 10.12.2018

If lightning this Edge, as it describes Microsoft?

In the middle of last week Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10240. At the same time in its official blog the company wrote a few big words, calling your new Edge browser lightning product. The editors of AnandTech, which is known for the objectivity of their tests, decided to check, whether so it actually. The results are presented in the table below:

Такой ли молниеносный этот Edge, каким его описывает Microsoft?

Testing was conducted on a desktop machine with an Intel Core i7-860, however, the performance of the latest version (20.10240.16384.0) Microsoft Edge (going in the composition Build 10240) were compared with the results of IE 11 and the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox on the same computer. Furthermore, the authors went further and compared the Edge with the January version of the browser (when it was still called Project Spartan) as up to date as of January versions of web browsers from Google and Mozilla.

In each case Edge has surpassed Microsoft Project Spartan. In addition, Edge has shown itself much better in the test Google Octane 2.0 compared with all the other browsers. However, it is still slower than their competitors in WebXPRT and Oort Online, however, it became significantly faster in these tests, from those times when he arrived in a state of «Project Spartan». With regard to the processing capabilities of HTML5, then Edge is still inferior to Chrome and Firefox, but the level of performance in this scenario is still grown.

By the way, note that the result of Firefox 39 in Oort Online are marked with an asterisk. The authors stress that in this test, the browser from Mozilla had some problems with the rendering of rain, while in other browsers this was no problem. Probably, otherwise Firefox would have shown a lower result.

What can be concluded? Since when Microsoft released the first public version of its new browser, Edge really has become much faster, but to call it lightning yet. Other browser manufacturers are not sitting idly by and, as the results show, for the same period of time is also achieved considerable success in terms of performance.

Only time will tell what will become a new browser over time, but assuming that Microsoft will continue to update it in the same fast rhythm (the competition in this segment does not forgive delay), then the Edge has all the chances to take the throne of the fastest desktop browser.

: AnandTech

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