Free anti-virus 2017: comparison and ratings

By | 10.12.2018

Comparison and ratings free antivirus 2017

To protect your device from viruses, which disrupt his work, all users are looking for the ideal free antivirus software. All anti-viruses are endowed with a standard set of functions, they protect your computer in real time as well as check it on demand, but between them there are distinctions, which allow each user to select a program that is right for him. Every year preferences are changing, and in 2017, were their leaders.

Бесплатные антивирусы 2017 года: сравнение и рейтинг

Popular free antivirus 2017

Professional and user ratings often don’t match — after all, users are guided by slightly different criteria than the professional lab. For example, Microsoft Security Essentials is already pre-embedded software. It has a very user-friendly interface, and capable of a decent level to protect the device. Or Avira Free Antivirus – fast and reliable antivirusnik, but a slightly limited set of functions. These programs are very popular among users, but professionals do not occupy leading positions.

Avast Free Antivirus is a program that has shown excellent results in the work with all operating systems. It not just protects your device in real-time, but scans add-ons and extensions for browsers, which often are a threat. The disadvantages of this antivirus program is the registration and the difficulty of removal. Its constant competitor for all ratings – Panda Security Free in addition to the standard features, and is able to protect USB drives automatically. But its significant downside is that it can slow down your device.

360 Total Security is a very controversial antivirusnik that suddenly became popular a few years ago and still holds its position. Its advantage is that the user can enable the Bitdefender and Avira engines, which are available only in the paid antivirus programs and protect against the most insidious viruses.

Recently there an antivirus program Kaspersky Free — free version of the already proven and very popular, but paid antivirusnika Kaspersky. This antivirusnik, in addition to the standard set of features scans for virus mails and IM.

Rating free updated antivirus software 2017

According to a reputable professional international laboratories AV-test and Virus Bulletin has compiled a rating of free antiviruses that have become popular in 2017:

  1. The free version of Avast;
  2. Free antivirus developed by Panda;
  3. Free antivirus Avira;
  4. Antivirus Kaspersky Free;
  5. AVG antivirus;
  6. Bitdefender Edition free version;
  7. Antivirus Nano.

When selecting a good antivirus program should be guided not only by ratings and popularity, but also their personal needs. And you must also follow the updates already installed antivirusnikov – technology does not stand still, and to increase the competitiveness of your product, software companies are constantly working to increase its capabilities.

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