Four things that Microsoft continues to do well

By | 10.12.2018

Four things that Microsoft continues to do well

We all know that Microsoft will go through major changes, as currently the company is experiencing great difficulties associated with the uncertain line of products and the reduction of the PC market. Do not forget about the proverbial search for a new Executive Director, which led to the appointment of Satya Nadella, who must make the necessary changes. Although Microsoft has its problems, in any case should not be underestimated. In fact, something the software giant is doing even better than fine.

The design of the mobile operating system

If you look at the percentage of users using smartphones with Windows Phone, there is a feeling that the market is not entirely fair to this platform. Mobile operating system from Microsoft has a nice interface – clean and functional. Don’t forget that flat UI used in Windows Phone since its inception, and only then that appeared in Android and iOS. Yes, the platform is lagging behind its larger competitors, but there are a number of other operating systems that have become «ghosts» (Symbian, Palm, BlackBerry (almost)), and a Windows Phone no matter what, continues its development.

Четыре вещи, которые Microsoft продолжает делать хорошо

Of course, good design is not enough to save an operating system. The most important is the role of the application – this should be the main goal of the new Executive Director.

Office Suite

This is one of the main weapons Microsoft. Word, Excel and PowerPoint remain the most used software among ordinary users, and among corporate clients. The office Suite has its loyal customers, and cloud service Office 365 brings a stable income. Yes, there are competitors, but they move along the edges of the market and do not pose a real threat to Microsoft. Apple has more beautiful software (Keynote, Numbers), some users rely on cloud services from Google, as many developers and experts praise OpenOffice, but the leader is still MS Office.

Game console

The truth is that the PS4 has a definite advantage over the Xbox One, if we talk about the number of sold devices, but Microsoft’s console remains in the background. The software giant always was very serious about this, and this is evidenced by the large sales. We should not forget about the great success achieved by the series of Halo games developed by Bungie. However, Bungie was bought by Microsoft back in 2000, And the Kinect in General has changed the way users enjoy their any of the games.

Четыре вещи, которые Microsoft продолжает делать хорошоThe safety of secrets

Apple has always been famous for their ability to keep their plans secret, but it used to be. Microsoft now is so much better. Surface, for example, was shrouded in mystery for almost three years. Another example is the new Executive Director – we didn’t know who they will be as long as Microsoft has not released an official statement, the rumors continued even beyond the date of its submission.

This is what Satya Nadella needs to make full use of the – while the bulk of the rumors related to Apple and Google, Microsoft can continue their work in relative peace.

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