Founder urges Microsoft to split the company into two

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft founder calls for split the company into two

Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft, calls for the restructuring of the company into two. Allen left Microsoft in 1983, but through his private investment Fund Vulcan Capital still owns a significant share of Microsoft. On the verge of choosing a new chief Executive officer is the leadership of Vulcan Capital announced the proposal in a Financial Times interview.

According to the Financial Times, Paul Allen «is very interested and intrigued by» future changes in company. The Vulcan Capital proposal is to split the company into two independent structures, one of which will work with key business applications, operating systems and cloud services while the second will undertake the development of consumer products, including Xbox and Windows Phone. According to Allen, this will help Microsoft to focus on business-oriented products, which currently generate the main income of the company without being distracted by secondary activities – gaming platform and mobile products.

Vulcan Capital also insist on a General meeting for the election of two leaders, one of which will focus on cloud services and business applications, and the second on consumer products.


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