Foobar2000 is a popular player of our time

By | 10.12.2018

Foobar2000 is one of the most popular players of our time

Often, users of the operating systems Windows standard tools for working with media files are not sufficient. They do not fully meet the requirements of the user and moreover does not support the most popular formats. These objectives were guided by Peter Pawlowski when he developed one of the most popular programs players of our time – Foobar2000.

Minimalist design and at the same time very functional interface allow you to work in the program as simply and without any efforts or special skills. Installing Foobar2000, the user will receive not only a convenient software application with rich functionality around, but he will be able to expand this Toolkit, while possessing some knowledge.

Foobar2000 — популярный плеер современности

The program itself Foobar2000 is constantly evolving, often out any new versions, in General, what makes it relevant at any point in time. Supports almost all modern formats of audio (which is actually well-deserved of its popularity). The concept is simple – it is this principle of the world adhered to Pavlovsky, developing Foobar2000, and it worked for him. He created a great player, incredibly fast and constantly updated. You, the user, choose to download this software, just have to click the button to download Foobar2000/ and You will get a wonderful tool for listening to Your favorite music and audio recordings.

Popular music player of today — Foobar2000

Without a doubt, is the fact that Foobar is one of the most popular audio players of today. It is no secret that Peter Pawlowski is one of the most famous developers all known Winamp, so widespread in the world.

Thanks to the experience gained during its development, this wonderful the programmer was able to create your individual product, freely distributed in original Assembly. Annoying large amount of system resources consumed by the standard Windows Player? Then the perfect solution for You is Foobar2000 – simple and intuitive interface (you can call it minimalistic) ensure efficient operation of it with very little overhead.

It is interesting that in the original version of the program can get the name Blitz Audio Player, but something clearly got Peter to change his mind and literally in a few hours in the expansion program have already received it is known to us, the name – Audioplayer Foobar2000.

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