Fonts: how to determine the names of any font

By | 10.12.2018

How to identify a font?

For anybody not a secret that the fonts are one of the key elements of any text. The selected font, believe it or not, reports charisma of your creation, it is not surprising that the correct choice of font is very important. But it so happens that when we stumbled upon a font that I liked and in the end we do not know how to define it?

Well, to solve this problem was invented many tools identify the font. These tools are available for free and there are those that will need to pay. These tools are in the form of software, web applications, plugins, extensions, and others. We have compiled a list of the most popular services to identify fonts that can be useful both for ordinary users and for the designers working with special programs, for example, Photoshop.

Шрифты: способы определения названия понравившегося шрифта


This is one of the most popular tools. This site offers different options, which include analysis of the text image based on the color of the background to better identify the font.

Also, You can upload an image directly from your computer or otherwise you can specify the link where it is posted online.

One of the best features is that you can limit the selection of fonts only to free or Vice versa.

Find my Font

This professional program is available for both free use and on a commercial basis. Of course, both versions will be a few differences, but initially we recommend you to try the free version to see what features it offers.

This software will work on your computer and identify any font on bitmap images, documents, etc. the Program has a large database of fonts, so the search is very fast.

Imagaro Z

Being an amazing graphical editor, this tool also allows us to successfully identify virtually all fonts, even if it is cursive or distorted texts.

Tool advanced image recognition will certainly surprise you, because it works successfully, even where other services may fail.


This browser add-on. Once activated, the tool scans the CSS of an open web page, where it reads the used font.

The feature of this program is that it copies the page CSS and then you can explore the different parts of it.

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