Flash-Edge browser will by default be placed on pause

By | 10.12.2018

Flash is on the Edge browser default put on pause

Flash-реклама в браузере Edge будет по умолчанию ставиться на паузу

The Internet is trying to get rid of Adobe Flash for many years. In particular, Microsoft wanted users to accustom to life without Flash even back in 2012, but to no avail: if you remember, in the Metro version of Internet Explorer in Windows 8, Flash content initially worked only on some selected sites. A way around this limitation is found very quickly, but after a few months it has lost its relevance, because the company refused to lock the flash, knowing that it is still a necessary evil in certain situations, and has released a special update for the browser.

This year, Microsoft will take new steps towards the total eradication of «flashy» content on websites. To achieve this goal, the company is preparing a new feature that will automatically pause playback of the secondary content (banner ads and animated) created using Adobe Flash. This function will become part of Microsoft Edge with the release of Windows 10 Anniversary.

This approach will not only significantly reduce power consumption on mobile devices, but also enhance the security of web surfing – after all, Flash is known for its never ending problems in this regard.

The software giant claims that the new feature smart enough to understand what part of the page is not a secondary content so videos and other Flash elements that are part of the main content to be put on pause will not.

New control Adobe Flash is already available in Windows 10 build 14316 – build, released earlier this week, and the company plans to introduce its next major upgrade to Windows 10, which will be available this summer.

In General, thanks to the efforts of Microsoft and other giants of the IT industry Flash continues its slow but inexorable journey towards oblivion: Google, for example, has already announced that in the 2017th will completely abandon support of the standard in favor of HTML5 in their advertisements.

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