FixWin utility for solving many problems in Windows 8.1

By | 09.12.2018

FixWin utility for solving many problems in Windows 8.1

Sooner or later we all encounter problems when using the Windows operating system. Some problems may occur with the conductor, the second can’t run modern applications, and still others may not work system tools.

It is worth mentioning that not every Windows user is tech-savvy and even not all can find a ready solution to your problem on the Internet. Consequently, there is a need for such tools that can solve a number of systemic problems.

Meet FixWin for Windows – a tool with enormous potential, which can quickly solve various problems in your system. From the user only need make a few clicks of the mouse button.

FixWin was released by the creators of the site The Windows Club, and it works perfectly with Windows 8 or later operating system. The tool covers fixes for 50 of the problems Windows users are experiencing most often. Some of these issues have already been discussed here and on other sites and forums. FixWin can be your Savior when, in addition to restoring or reinstalling the system, it would seem that there was no other options.

Since this is a utility from a third party, we strongly recommend creating a system restore point before using it.

Below are the main features of FixWin:

  • Can fix critical issues with just one click
  • Covers 16 native Windows tools for Troubleshooting
  • Can solve the problem with modern apps, Windows Store, Internet Explorer, system tools, Explorer and problems in network connections
  • The small size and ease of use

You can download FixWin for free by going to the website of the developers via this link. Usage instructions are inside the ReadMe file in the archive with the program.

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