Fixed errors if the printer wants to print

By | 10.12.2018

Correct errors, if the printer wants to print

The printer is a device for printing digital data. Today, almost everyone has such equipment at home. There are many different models. Divide them as the principle of printing (laser, inkjet, dot matrix), and functionality (printing, support of various formats, pre-processing, two-sided printing).

Whatever modern was not your machine, each can face problems. Many of them can be solved independently, without contacting support, especially if the error is of software in nature.

The printer gives an error

There are several causes of error related to the printer or printing, they can be divided into two categories.

First – software:

  1. every modern printer has a special program, in addition to the driver, for ease of reference. Sometimes, if installed incorrectly or deleted, printing is not possible even if the driver left. In this case, when you try to send to print one or more files, you can see the system message;
  2. in addition, the program may be corrupted by viruses. If your computer was infected, and the error appeared after its treatment, you must reinstall the software;

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

  3. also, the device may have problem with driver conflicts. Most often this happens with multiple printers connected to one computer or with many devices via a local network.

The second reason of errors and hardware that are directly related to the device itself, such as:

  1. periodically, the printer shuts down or gives an error that it can work faster (the problem may be caused by a USB connecting cord or the driver);

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

  2. if the cartridge is inserted, or the connecting chip is stained with toner or ink, the device will display the message associated with the replacement of the cartridge;
  3. errors occur if the paper is jammed or over;

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

  4. the most common message from the machine: «ink or toner end».

Actually the system messages from the modern printer a lot more. But, anyway, associated with the filling/replacement of the cartridge or jammed with paper, and the overheating of the device.

Most of the problems with broken cartridge occurs after you refill it, because many of them have protection from the manufacturer in the form of special meters and gauges.

Check the OS settings and the device

If you are faced with the fact that the device does not display any messages, and when sending a file to print nothing happens, then before you contact the service center with a question: «what to do the printer stops printing, check the connection settings of the machine and also the operating room systems.

To do this the first step is to check whether the device is connected to the computer, and see if his operating system.

To do this:

  • to open the task Manager and find the device;
  • it should be in the list and match the name of your machine;
  • on the contrary it should not be symbols of an erroneous connection, or disable conflict (a yellow exclamation mark or red cross).

Now you need to check the correctness of the settings of the device.

If printing does not start, problem may be several:

  • incorrect connection port;

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

  • change of address or name of the computer attached to the network printer;
  • device is not working, which is the bridge to connect over the network (router, router, computer);
  • wrong printer selected as the default device;

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

  • in the settings there is a ban on a certain type of data.

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

To check these data, you must access the «control Panel» and select «Devices and printers». Here you can change the device to print to the default (right-click menu and activating the appropriate checkbox). In the properties of the device – check the correct settings.

Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

If the connection to the network apparatus is impossible, it is better to seek help to the user of the remote computer or your network administrator.

Driver is installed?

During the initial connection of any device to computer must install drivers. In the case of printers it is better to install not only driver but also the program to work with the device. FOR almost always comes on the disk with the machine and also contains the user manual in several languages.

Occasionally in expensive models the software is provided on USB flash drive. To verify that the correct driver is installed, go to «device Manager» of Windows operating system.

Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

To do this:

  • left mouse click on «My computer» on the desktop or «Computer» in «start menu» and call «Properties»;
  • in the left menu, select «controller…»;
  • check the list on your device.

The machine must be in the category of «Printers and scanners». The name must match exactly or approximately the name of your device (if the universal driver, or software-hardware part has not changed since the last model).

For example, you have the model Canon Pixma MP 280, the task Manager can be displayed as Canon Pixma MP 200 MP or 2.

Video: does Not print the printer

Busy print queue

If you are sure that the printer works but nothing prints, you must check for busy if a print queue. The majority of modern devices with fully installed software themselves display such an error. However, this does not always happen.

In this case you need to check the print queue. This can be done by calling the driver program from the tray (icon near the clock). However, this method is not always suitable for those who use a machine on the network.

Most often the problem print queue users face extensive networks when working with a shared printer. In this case, one task may consist of multiple parts. For example, if it is very large, the program could divide it in order not to overload the internal memory of the device.

In addition, the corporate practice shows that very often there are cases when one task has not completed fully due to errors (over or jammed paper, the printer has overheated), and was sent another, and another.

Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

Depending on the model the unit may draw attention to the unfinished job and continue to work till his memory is completely clogged such fragments. Or not to allow to continue.

Output may be two:

  • to check the print queue and clear it on the computer to which the printer is connected;
  • some devices require physical impact, that is, acknowledgement of errors, and delete the print queue with the buttons directly on it.

    Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

What to do if the printer does not print after refilling the cartridge

Users who tried to make refilling the cartridge, cleaning, or soaking in a special solution, often encounter such a problem: printer stopped printing, what to do now?

Cartridge refilling is a complex operation that contains a lot of nuances that people don’t consider therefore then contact the service center with more serious problems.

The thing is that each device requires an individual approach when it comes to dressing. The first thing you need to learn about, not whether the cartridge is provided with special protections and chips, read, shouldn’t it count pages or other dodgy option manufacturers.

In addition, tucking the cartridge yourself, it is very important to make sure that no «zamostochie» ink system with ink-jet printers. And laser device – not dirty, do not scratch the drum or not to knock the spring retainer gear.

In any case, if, after the refilling, the printer works but does not print, you need to turn to the professionals at the workshop, so as not to spoil it completely. Prices for cartridges are sometimes half the cost of the entire device, so be very careful when refueling.

Sometimes the drying of the ink cartridges. So after refilling please make sure to print several pages to check. If this does not yield results, the cartridge requires soaking in a special solution.

Устраняем ошибки, если принтер не хочет печатать

Most printer problems occur due to software errors, but they are easy to understand on their own, without resorting to computer shop. If the error persists, refer to specialist.

When you want to refill the cartridge, you must carefully consider all the information and to follow the instructions, and for printers with inkjet printing is generally better to install the ink supply system. Through this, you can avoid most problems.

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