Five ways to free up space on your hard disk in Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Five ways to free up space on your hard disk in Windows

If your hard disk is Packed to capacity and space for new files on it is sorely lacking — don’t worry: there are a few proven ways to quickly eliminate the chaos and to free the necessary space. Consider the solution of the problem on Windows Vista.

Method 1: clear the space

One of the best ways to free up space on Your hard drive to give Windows Vista a chance to do it for You. Follow the path Control Panel -> System and maintenance ->administrative tools -> free up space on the disk.

Utility is run disk cleanup, after the scan, You will see the amount of space freed if You delete the temporary files downloaded from Internet and other files eating up disk space. But that’s not all. Click advanced, and You will be offered two ways to free up space is to delete unnecessary and rarely used programs and features in Windows Vista, and delete the files maintaining the system state in the restore points.

Пять способов освободить место на жестком диске в Windows

Method 2: Only the necessary

Music and digital photos can take up a lot of space — especially if You do not have the habit to periodically clean out the debris. With digital cameras it has become possible to make fifty shots in a row to get a couple of good — all these pictures happily go to the hard drive of Your computer. Not surprisingly, the place on it quick it ends with.

Same things with music. If You transfer to a computer, the whole collection of the CD, You will inevitably end up with a bunch of duplicates of the signals, albums and compilations of the same performers. It is unlikely that You need to have the same songs two, three copies, right? It is much better to store one copy of the song and include it in the playlist of the same collections.

Method 3: The Power Of The Internet

There are some things to keep in the network. With the help of service Windows Live SkyDrive (formerly known as Windows LiveFolders), located at: you can post your personal files and protect them with a password.

Service free provides 5 gigabytes of space for Your files — you will only need Your user ID Windows Live ID (which, incidentally, will also give You access to the Windows Live Photo Gallery is a great way to place online your photos).

Method 4: memory Card

In our days, memory cards and USB drives are very cheap. Separate drives with a capacity of 1 GB can be bought for 5-8 dollars. — why not use them to host Your files? In addition, many remain a memory card from the old camera — so simple, the reader can also solve the problem of space.

Method 5: Delete backup files

When you install a service pack Windows Vista Service Pack 1 it will automatically save a backup of the system files and settings in case You decide later to remove it and return to the initial state of the system. When You’re sure everything is working properly and there is no need to uninstall SP1 You can free up space occupied by backups. For this there is a file deletion tool, which can be accessed via: start ->All programs -> Accessories -> Command prompt -> vsp1cln.exe.

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