Five useful but little known features of Windows operating system

By | 10.12.2018

Five useful but lesser-known features of the Windows operating system

Windows is no accident for many years dominated the world of personal computers. Operating system from Microsoft is a powerful tool to control any PC, and keeps under the surface many aspects that remain a mystery to many users. If you want to learn the intricacies of Windows, here are five non-obvious but extremely powerful options that you may not even suspect.


This mode is thoroughly familiar to every gamer. In games GodMode literally means immortality, i.e. with a specific code character becomes omnipotent and cease to obey the laws of the virtual world in which he lives.

Of course, the hidden GodMode in Windows is not so powerful, but still provides access to some of the best kept secrets of the operating system.

Activate it is very simple – click, right-click on the desktop and select: New -> Folder. Name the new folder GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} just copy and paste these characters into the blank field the name of the folder. However, instead of «GodMode» you can use any other text, for example, «Settings», but the effect in either case is the same.

Пять полезных, но малоизвестных особенностей операционной системы Windows

Then, when you open the folder you created, you will enter the world of the basic features of Windows, i.e. you’ll get access to a huge, new options menu (something like the ECP) to control the operating system.

The steps recorder tool

This extremely useful little tool that is present in all versions of Windows, which is known to most system administrators and people involved in it support.

With it you can record any sequence of actions that are executed during Windows and then view them as a slide show in Internet Explorer.

To launch the «recorder of actions», just type «psr» in the search field Windows 7, 8, or 10 in the search results, select «Record steps to reproduce a bug» and then click on the «Start recording».

Пять полезных, но малоизвестных особенностей операционной системы WindowsShake It Up!

Frankly, it is rather funny than really useful trick, but if you click and hold the mouse pointer on the title bar of an open window and quickly shake it left and right, it will turn all open Windows and leave only the current one.

The same thing can be achieved, if you press Ctrl + Home, but the trick with «rocking» is much more convenient and you can impress your colleague.

Ode stability

If your current installation of Windows is behaving strangely, you probably guessed it that to be a problem. But what is it?

Diagnostics of eccentricities in Windows has never been an easy task, but the operating system has a useful built-in tool that can help you in such situations. Of course, it is deeply buried in submenus of the control panel — System and security -> review your computer’s status and problems -> Maintenance -> view log stability.

Пять полезных, но малоизвестных особенностей операционной системы Windows

This will launch the so-called «reliability Monitor» which provides a visual picture of the operation of Windows by leaps and bounds, as well as all critical events are marked on a convenient chart. This tool facilitates diagnosis of possible causes of unstable behavior of the operating system.

Energy efficiency

Another built-in and very useful tool can be useful for users of laptops and tablets. With it, you can obtain detailed information on the efficiency of your mobile device in the form of a generalized report in HTML format.

For this purpose, start a command prompt (write cmd in the search box in Windows 7/8/10) and enter and run the following command: powercfg –energy

Пять полезных, но малоизвестных особенностей операционной системы Windows

The system will perform an automatic self-test and generates a detailed report (in C:WindowsSystem32energy-report.html) the state of energy efficiency, which can even help to determine that your device’s battery requires replacement. Read more about the latest read here.

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