Finland has accused Microsoft of betrayal

By | 10.12.2018

Finland has accused Microsoft of betrayal

Announced last week cuts in Microsoft has caused open discontent in Finland. Recall that the software giant plans to release 18,000 employees, 12,500 of which are former employees of Nokia, for Finland it means the loss of 1,100 jobs.

The Minister of Finance Anti Rin called Microsoft betrayal, according to the article in Finnish newspaper. The problem comes from the fact that the acquisitions of the mobile link Nokia by Microsoft went through a government approval process, and now Microsoft has allegedly violated the conditions of approval.

The staff reduction is part of Microsoft strategy, which is implemented by new CEO Satya Nadella. Priority for the company is to achieve high performance in all types of activities, and large-scale reduction is only one of the tools to achieve your goals.

Microsoft also plans to suspend some of the projects of Nokia, including the line of Android-smartphone Nokia X and devices running Asha – ex platform Series 40. Thus, the company does not provide any alternatives to its proprietary platform Windows Phone.

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