Filters Yandex

By | 07.04.2016

Bots impose filters, through which the quality of search results is improved and the load on the search engine — reduced. Here are the main filters search engine Yandex. However, keep in mind that some of them may be just a legend.

Filters Yandex

AGS (modifications: AGS-17 and AGS-30)
filter, which throws out from the index Yandex sites created for search engine spam (satellites), leaving in search of not more than 15 pages, but usually only one. The main reason for the use of the filter AGS  is a low-quality content. For more information about the filter AGS

Nepos filter
Filter Nepos, superimposed on the individual links, the individual pages of the site or the entire site for link spam, sell links from the site. To avoid the nepot filter, it is necessary to abandon the sale of references or links to sell in small quantities.

Redirect the filter
The filter is applied to redirect sites that use javascript redirects, as a rule — doorways. Redirect the filter means banks search engine, so you should not use javascript redirects, and — flash or ajax.

Filter keyword density
If the density of keywords on a site above a certain, that Yandex exclude such pages from the index. So — you do not want to ban, learn synonyms for your search terms. Otherwise, the filter keyword density — your option.

Filter «You’re the last»
Filter «You’re the last» duplicate existing controls in the index pages. In order to avoid the imposition of a filter «You’re the last», you must create unique content and to fight those who snatches your content.

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