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By | 07.04.2016

Filters Yandex and Google it is a kind of landing stage, which allows the search engines to get rid of unnecessary burdens by filtering search any debris. Just like the water filters filter out most harmful impurities and you get a pretty decent drinking water. The same — with the information flow. Bots protect themselves from excessive and unnecessary information, and then — on the load, and the user receives a more or less high-quality content. Search engines Yandex and Google have created a high-quality search filters, which are not only filtered the garbage, but sorted it and depending on the quality of waste is subjected to one or other sanctions. why it is attentive to the content of your site, including not to take yourself for writing articles, if still at school, it became clear that the writer will not be. Your creativity may well fall under the filter.

In order for your bazaar was not otfiltrova search engines you need to follow a fairly simple rules
1. Active fill the site with unique content, and to do it — on a regular basis, and not on holidays.
2. Regular replenishment site constitutes site update twice a day. Minimum!
3. Acquisition of external links with Trust sites.

4. The structural correspondence with the search engines, although it is sometimes difficult to maintain presence of mind, and I want to say «affectionate couple.» Remember, this is a search engine you will need, not you — to him. And like you — a lot of writing and all unpleasant affair.

And remember, at our site opianye filters may be fiction optimizers, and not an objective reality.

Yandex Filters
Google Filters

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