Google Filters

By | 07.04.2016

Google Filters

Search filters deliver a lot of trouble to webmasters, but mostly, of course, to those who use the black methods of website promotion. Moreover, in Russian Google effect filters expressed much more complicated, as the basic semantics of the GOOGLE search engine — the English. But still — filters are of Google and you need to know about them.

Filtering on page load time .
The Google struggles to websites that users see in search are of good quality in all respects. Including placed on a quality hosting and we are not overwhelmed by a variety of special effects. Therefore, filter pages load time weeds out those sites that are loaded for a long time.

The total filter «The degree of confidence» (Google Trust Rank)
Search filter «degree of confidence» is a combination of the following indicators:

— The number of outbound links
— Site Age
— The number of authoritative inbound links
— Quality of internal navigation (relink).

The higher the Trust Rank (TR), so, consequently, higher positions in search results.

Filter «sandbox» (the sandbox)
the Google prefers sites with age, therefore in high-demand young (up to six months) sites do not fall into the top positions of the search, but may be raised on low-frequency queries. If you are lucky, the site can dawdle in the sandbox to several years and is usually applied to the site of a group created in one period of time.

If you want to understand whether your site is under the filter «sandbox» then pay attention to the following indicators:
— The site is indexed by Google and search engines visitors
— the site is on rare and unique phrases that are contained in the text pages
— Site is not visible in the first thousand results search results, including search queries for which it was originally optimized.
— Search for domain gives correct results with the correct descriptions, titles and so on.

Well, get out of the sandbox you can help natural links to your site.

Filter «Domain Age»
If you refer to authoritative resources, then it’s easier to gain popularity and raise your site in the search.

Filter «omitted results»
If your site is not unique content, if you have the same meta tags, the filter «omitted results» very real prospect to your website. So — creating a website, remember that the filter has not been canceled.

Filter «more results»
few inbound links will help you not to fall or get out of the filter actions «more results», which puts the GOOGLE websites that for some reason found it lower quality. These sites fall into the issue only if the quality of sites is not enough.

Filter «Links»
If you stupidly put all the links for the exchange of in the trash or your links are on the cemetery of the links, the filter «Links» your destiny.

Bombing Filter
purchased for your site links with the same anchors and Bombing filter will be your immediate future, as Google says, and rightly so, that the same anchor text can not be natural. After all, natural links — the result of the creation of unique content.

Filter «duplicate content»
If you steal someone else’s content, Google will put your site filter «duplicate content.» If the content is stolen from you, be sure to send the complaint to Google and will be applied to the site of action of the filter.

Filter -30
If you are using incorrect methods of SEO black, doorway pages (doorway) and redirect (redirect) using the JavaScript, then the site can apply filters -30, ie the extradition request is reduced by 30 positions. But to get out of the filter -30 pretty easy, just give up the black CEO.

Filter «Sotsitirovanie»
We bought links to your site without distinction, without paying attention to the theme? Get ready to use «Sotsitirovanie» filter, which means that your site will carry you to the unnecessary category. That is, they have bought a porn site links — be prepared that your site will carry a theme porn.

Filter «A lot of links at once,»
If you like to get all at once, be prepared for the fact that soon will be taken under the filter «A lot of links at once.» Search Engine Optimization — is not the best area in which to hurry.

Filter «Over-optimization»
Filter «Over-optimization» — the punishment for those webmasters who sin that on their websites too many keywords and meta tags. Proportionality — exactly what Google likes.

Filter «broken links»
Your link bit, just so you can say about the sites if the link leads to a missing page. Since the search engine robot can not get to the page, then put it in the index, and to cache (Google Cache) can not. Filter «broken links» is applied to sites that refer to non-existent pages.

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