Google Filters in proverbs and sayings: Bombing filter

By | 07.04.2016

Proverbs, pogovrki, aphorisms, idioms and fables describe our lives, briefly and succinctly convey the essence of phenomena. And the CEO, as part of our life is also quite describe in words proverbs and sayings. And I’d like to show you how you can describe the SEO processes tongue shaped and bright. You can start with the search filters, such as Google filters .

«A lot of dark woods, but no tree of suitable» talk about when with a large choice of nothing standing. So a filter of Google Bombing means that if a large volume of purchased links facing no links, as they all are the same and not vygyalyat naturally. So you do not want to get under Bombing filter, refer to the saying: A good three not affected.

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