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By | 10.12.2018

Backup files

Regular file backup helps protect Your data from Erasure, in case something happens to Your hard drive.

Backup file is also used to transfer important files from one computer to another when working with several computers or to archive a particular file from a previous version.


1. Define what files You want to reserve (customer lists and financial data, if You run a small business or your current manuscript if You are a writer, etc.).

2. Select the drive to copy files onto it. There are several storage drives, where you can copy the data. Which one to choose depends on the amount and the nature of the data, what will You do with the backup files.

— flash drives (pendrive) connected to the USB port. They are useful to backup the most important files and transfer them between computers.

— recordable CDs and DVDs. To record to discs information You’ll need a recordable CD or DVD-ROM. In CD you can burn 650 — 700 MB of data and DVD disc can contain up to 4.7 GB of data.

Recordable discs come in 2 types: «R» is for disks on which information can be written only once and «RW» on these discs you can record, erase and rewrite information. These drives are best for backup files for a long time (for the archive).

— portable hard drives that use cable to connect to USB port. They are convenient for permanent backup large amounts of information. These discs can be pre-set programs for backup.

— online copying of the data. Your data will be copied to the remote server using the Internet connection.

3. The choice of backup method. Data can be saved using one of these methods:

— copy and paste data. This is the easiest way and it can be used to backup on a flash drive or portable hard drive. Usually this method is used to copy small amounts of files.

— the backup program included with Your operating system. Most operating systems include a backup utility. For example, to run the backup program in Windows XP you need to enter the START -> PROGRAMS -> ACCESSORIES -> system tools -> BACKUP.

— third-party programs to backup files. You can purchase the software to backup files from other manufacturers. Also the Internet is free and shareware programs.

4. Automatic backup, starting on schedule. You can create backup files manually or configure an automatic schedule using the program for file backup.

5. Try to do a backup.

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