Fedora Reader is a lightweight RSS aggregator for Windows 8.1/10

By | 10.12.2018

Fedora Reader is a lightweight RSS aggregator for Windows 8.1/10

Who would not say that, but RSS is still the most convenient and effective tool for tracking updates sites. Unfortunately, not all browsers have built-in RSS modules, but third-party apps for working with news feeds in abundance. A good news aggregator is a Fedora-Reader – universal app with simple interface designed for reading RSS-feeds on devices running Windows 8.1, and 10.

Fedora Reader offers the convenience, simplicity and high speed. Russian localization not provided by the developer, but any serious obstacle for the application it will not be. Window aggregator is divided into three areas. From left to right first comes the list of monitored sites, followed by latest news list of the selected resource, in the third and widest column is specific news.

In the upper right corner you see a small toolbar. With their help, you can add new RSS feeds, upgrade already added to change the design theme, in Fedora Reader features a three — light, dark and universal, as well as share your selected news through other apps. In addition to the manual, the program has the ability to batch add strips of prepared developer selections, however all the resources it exclusively in English.

Fedora Reader – легкий RSS-агрегатор для Windows 8.1/10<

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