Features of mobile processors Intel Skylake

By | 10.12.2018

Features of mobile processors Intel Skylake

Strangely quiet after the announcement of a new, sixth-generation Intel processors, all concerned were hoping to hear details about Skylake during the annual Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. And the wait paid off, though not fully. In fact one of the leading Intel engineers began the presentation with the reservation that we are not talking about the official launch of the mobile versions of the generation processors Skylake, but mainly about the future of these chips. However, in the interest of truth it should be noted that new details were very interesting. Here are some of the most important ones.

Energy efficiency

One of the most promising functions Skylake mobile terms is called Speed Shift. At first glance we are talking about the evolution of the known possibilities of all modern mobile CPUs dynamically adjust clock speed depending on load. However, the fact that Intel promises associated with so-called low power state of the chip.

Speed Shift will allow the processor to respond more flexibly to load changes and at the same time will provide better performance with minimum energy consumption. According to Intel, this will increase the battery life compared to the same processors the previous two generations (Haswell and Broadwell), but the company does not report exact figures.


Design Skylake is more efficient and allows the CPU to process more instructions simultaneously than Haswell and Broadwell. In addition, the sixth generation of chips will offer improved memory subsystem. Integrated with the aim of increasing the performance of DRAM local buffer for the first time we saw the Haswell generation, but with Skylake Intel goes one step further.

The new processors will include a special eDRAM+ module, which again will act as a buffer to store recently used data and instructions. However, it can be used and graphics, and CPU, which can lead to an increase in overall performance.


The company has integrated another set of instructions to provide enhanced protection from malicious attacks. New technology Software eXtensions will complement the existing security package Intel Memory Protection eXtensions and will reduce the risk of infecting your computer with malware.


Особенности мобильных процессоров Intel Skylake

This is one area in which Skylake promises the most significant improvements. According to Intel, the GPU that is integrated into the sixth generation of chips will be fully able to provide a comfortable work with three 4K displays simultaneously, with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. For comparison, the Haswell generation offers graphics that can only run one 4K display and only with a refresh rate of 30 Hz, whereas all Broadwell supports one 4K display, but operating at a frequency of 60 Hz.

Moreover, Skylake will offer hardware decoding of 4K video and much improved performance of shaders – up to 1100 GFLOPS is a serious difference compared to the Sandy Bridge generation, with its almost 130 GFLOPS.

All of this definitely sounds promising, although at the moment only in theory. Soon we will see the first real laptops and tablets based on Skylake. If you believe Intel, it will happen within the next few weeks when, according to the company, will be held and the official announcement of mobile processors of the sixth generation.

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