Fast updates of Google Chrome on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

Quick update Google Chrome on your computer

Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser, developed based on the free Chromium browser open source. This Explorer is a reliable tool for surfing Internet, and supports the most advanced technology and are always correctly displaying all the elements on the page.

Creating modern web sites, developers primarily look to Chrome as it is installed on computers in the vast majority of users.

Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

In addition to core features such as support for multiple tabs, incognito mode or add pages to favorites, browser functionality can be expanded by installation of special apps from the official store.

In every new version the developers improve the stability and performance of the browser, and in order to take advantage of all the new features of the program, you will need to update your version of Google chrome.

Browser setting

To make sure that the computer has the current version of Chrome, you can download an updated browser from official website and install in automatic mode.

This will require:

  • to open any other Internet browser or the current version of Chrome;
  • go to the official website of the browser by typing the link into the address bar;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • make sure that the web page is correctly defined to be used on the computer operating system. If the parameters are defined correctly, manually specify the OS and its bitness, by clicking on the link «Download Chrome for another platform»;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • to accept the terms of our user agreement and go to download browser. In this step, you can mark whether to set it as the default browser;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • wait for download and installation.

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

After the installation is complete, the browser will start automatically.

Video: update Chrome manually

Error during installation

Despite the fact that before you update Google Chrome to the latest version to remove current build of the browser is optional, there are cases when the installation program display a message with error code 4, 5 or 6, which means that you need to make uninstall of an old version of the program.

Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

If during installation, you see messages about other errors, the solution should be sought on the basis of its code, for example:

  • error 101 indicates the impossibility to create a temporary directory on the system disk. Perhaps the user does not have rights to perform the operation should be logged in or run the installation as administrator;
  • error 11 means the absence of Windows component «expand.exe»without which it is impossible to install Chrome. To recover this component, you need to open a command prompt (press simultaneously the keys «Windows» + «R» and enter in the window the word «cmd»), where to start scanning the integrity of the system command «sfc /scannow»;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • error 13 indicates a block the installation of third-party program, for example, anti-virus software;
  • error 9 speaks of the incompatibility between the installed version and used the computer operating system.

Ad blocker for Yandex browser. Is on.

Value codes other errors that occur during installation, you can look at the technical support page of the browser.

Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

How to update Google Chrome manually

To manually update the version of Google chrome, the user needs:

  • to run the existing version of the browser from a shortcut on the desktop or from the start menu;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • click on the «customize and control» in the upper right corner of the window;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  • choose in the drop-down menu «On the browser»
  • wait until the browser will check for updates and start installing the new version.

The current version of the browser

Not to install another version of the browser without having to sort out which software version is currently installed on the computer, the user will need to open properties of the shortcut to the program and click «file Location».

Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

In the opened folder will lie with the Executive file *.exe and subcatalog, the name of which contains the current version of the program.

If there are any new updates

To check the relevance of the installed build of Chrome and learn about the availability of the latest version is also possible from the menu «On the browser» within the program itself.

To do this you need to:

  1. run the current version of the program;
  2. click on the button with the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner of the window;
  3. choose in the drop down menu item «About Google Chrome»;

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

  4. study the information on the page «About the browser».

    Быстрое обновление Google Chrome на компьютере

As you can see, the developers have taken care to use the program and maintaining its relevance as comfortable as possible for a person with any level of knowledge in this area.

It is worth noting that even if the user does not check for updates yourself, the browser does this automatically periodically, and with the availability of new versions makes them a quiet installation, with the result that the computer owner may not even notice any changes.

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