Facebook will give users more freedom over privacy control

By | 10.12.2018

Facebook will give users more freedom over the control of personal data

In Facebook intends to give users more rights to control their confidential data. With what is the solution? With the adoption of the new European law that will become effective already in may this year.

Now, what is the essence of the law: companies that collect user data and company, their stores, in case of any cyber-attacks or other data leakage will be obliged to inform about the breach of confidentiality of user data within 72 hours, otherwise you’ll have to pay a penalty of 4% of annual turnover of the company. From Facebook this amount is equal to approximately 28 billion dollars.

Moreover, the innovations Corporation Zuckerberg will affect not only Europe but the whole world.

Facebook даст пользователям больше свободы над контролем личных данных

Interesting fact: in 2009, the company tried to usurp the right of ownership of all user photos. But public opinion, this idea is not supported, so the rights remained in the hands of users.

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