f.lux – save your eyes!

By | 10.12.2018

f.lux – save your eyes!

Prolonged computer work tires the eyes. It is an undeniable fact that even the most advanced LCD technology is still not able to change. A long gaze on the screen of a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone inevitably leads to unpleasant side effects and for this reason a large number of companies today are trying to solve this problem using all kinds of means.

One of the most interesting solutions, with whom I met recently, called f.lux is a small and free program that dynamically changes the color temperature of the LCD display depending on the time of day.

The idea here is that natural light constantly changes color throughout the day, from cool blue in the early morning hours and bright white at noon, and up to Golden-orange at sunset. Accordingly, the body finely tuned to these dynamic changes – bright blue or white light is a signal that it’s time for active work and warmer in the evening, it’s time for sleep.

Artificial light from computer monitors has only one range, usually bright white, sometimes with blue tones. In the afternoon and evening hours, the effect of this light distorts the natural cycle of the synthesis of melatonin, a neurotransmitter that prepares the body to a normal night’s rest.

f.lux – пощадите ваши глаза!

It then interferes with the program f.lux that changes the color of light of the monitor, giving it a warmer tone in the afternoons and evenings, which reduces eye strain and does not interfere with the normal cycle «activity – rest».

The program is available in versions for almost all the currently popular platforms – Windows, Linux, iOS (only with jailbreak) and Mac. There was no option for Android, but the creators of f.lux promise to add support for this operating system in the near future.

f.lux works on the principle of «set and forget», i.e. the program does not require manual user intervention, and all of its functions fully automated: she will detect your geographical location and will accommodate itself to local time. Of course, the available options and for manual selection of location, fine adjustment for adjusting the color temperature and the interval to dynamically change the tone.

f.lux – пощадите ваши глаза!

The effect of using f.lux is a controversial and largely depends on subjective preference and perception of each individual user – creators themselves acknowledge it on the website of the program.

f.lux – пощадите ваши глаза!

Some people respond well to adjustments f.lux and report a decrease the visual load and the positive effect on their General condition. Other dynamic change of color temperature of their display, in contrast, is annoying. And still others do not see the difference.

To which of these groups you belong to determine in advance is impossible, but given the fact that the program is absolutely free, nothing prevents you to download and try. Even if the program doesn’t help, it won’t cause you any harm.

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