Extensions to Microsoft Edge will be delayed until next year? (Updated: the information has been confirmed)

By | 10.12.2018

Extensions to Microsoft Edge will be delayed until next year? (Updated: the information has been confirmed)

Расширения в Microsoft Edge задержатся до следующего года? (Обновлено: информация была подтверждена)

Extensions to Microsoft Edge is perhaps the most anticipated and most important function needed to attract users and reduce isolation from competing browsers.

Previously, Microsoft promised that extension support will be implemented with the upgrade to Windows 10, which is scheduled for the end of this year. According to am WinBeta.org this year the company plans no other updates except for Threshold 2.

claims that the update Threshold 2 will be ready in about two weeks, and judging by the innovations in the studied along and across the insider builds, no support for extensions in this update is not and is not expected. Moreover, Microsoft still has not released a promised tool with which developers can port existing extensions with minimal code changes.

All these arguments lead edition WinBeta.org to the conclusion that extension support in the new browser will appear not earlier than next year, probably with the release of the Redstone update, which is expected in mid-2016, namely, in the summer. However, the participants of the Windows Insider would receive it before this date.

Microsoft once said that being a universal app, Edge will be updated independently of updates to the operating system itself. It seems that something went wrong, or the implementation of extensions requires changes that go beyond the browser and rooted in the OS.

Update October 22: Journalist Paul Thurrot’ve reached out to Microsoft for comment. The company confirmed the extension support in the new browser really has been delayed until next year, adding that they are actively developing a model of safe extensions to make the browser more secure and reliable. Information, Microsoft promised to share in 2016.

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