Extension NoScript: objectives and relevance of the use of

By | 10.12.2018

The NoScript extension: why use

NoScript is an extension for FireFox that greatly protect your presence on the Internet by prohibiting the execution of Java-scripts and other scripts. After all, NoScript is working ahead of the curve, that is, there is a Golden rule: a stranger to the site is a potentially dangerous website. And if he still tries to execute any script or something to implement, then…

Расширение NoScript: задачи и актуальность использования

In General, the main task of the extension, NoScript is clear. Because the scenario can be like a beautiful «fad» on the website or video player, for example, and a dangerous virus. So unfamiliar website = dangerous website. Take this formula for myself, and your computer will be protected at times. And, as a consequence, the system reinstall will have less.

As soon as you put this extension, you at the bottom of the browser appears on the right circle. This is your NoScript. When scripts are forbidden on the website, the icon is red crossed. When resolving scripts, the red border disappears.

Will be blocked absolutely all sites, even those such as the Yandex search engine. What to do next, you ask?

And do the following. For those sites that you trust, allow all on a regular basis. For all other sites or forbid, or allow, on a temporary basis and not all scripts and only the scripts of the site. For example, the site name is sait.ru. Then if he can’t work without errors with NoScript enabled, put a checkmark in the NoScript drop down menu next to «temporarily allow for sait.ru».

Safe travels over the Internet!

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