Excel Web App: features of operation and advantages

By | 10.12.2018

Excel Web App: features of work and dignity

Many users believe that the best software product Microsoft for all history of existence of the company, is the desktop version of Excel. This, of course, very controversial, but the fact that a large number of users appreciate this product definitely deserves attention. But if the web version of Excel to match the original? Try to understand.

Familiarity with Excel Web App

Immediately after starting Excel Web App, on the screen there are two tabs in the ribbon interface of the program: Home and Insert. Sparsely, of course, but they contain quite a large number of features that smoothes a first impression.

Excel Web App: особенности работы и достоинства

On the Home tab, but platitudes like font settings, style, color, alignment of text, are also quite interesting things:

  • formatting data: numbers, currency, date (in several variants), time, percentages, text, and so on;
  • sorting and filtering in the table style;
  • insert new rows, columns;
  • delete rows and columns;

In General, working with cells implemented on a fairly good level. Of course, the regular version of Excel will resent to the number of features in this version. But what do you want, friends? This is just a Lite version of a product not designed to replace the original. In this role, the program seems much nicer than you might think. Among the insertion data, you can detect different types of graphs and charts. Not every desktop version of analogue Excel for Mac OS X can boast so many. At the same old kind of working with formulas is also supported, though is not as good as the desktop version.

Advantages and disadvantages of Excel Web App

One of the most important advantages over some competitors is that Excel Web App supports teamwork. Ie, multiple users can simultaneously edit the same document and see changes that will make every one of them. Probably, this feature can be very useful. In the end, some documents do require the work of several people. And in this case it is possible. Naturally, as in the case of Word, with a single click, you can proceed to edit the document in the full desktop version (assuming that it is installed on your computer).

If we talk about the cons of the application in the first place, of course, rushes functionality. If you’re used to the desktop version of Excel, the web version will certainly seem very poor. Second, some features that are included in the normal Excel are not supported in the web version. And if these things are present in the document (for example, some Smart-Art object), then you simply will not be able to edit it in the browser. Only to open, after which you will receive a message stating that some elements present in the document are not supported for this Excel version. Fortunately, there is a solution – you need to save a copy of the file via the web interface. After that the document will work, and all unsupported elements simply be removed from it. This, of course, a half-hearted decision, but other options yet.

What can be said about Microsoft Excel Web App? Well, it is already clear that hardcore Excel users are unlikely to accept a Lite web version of the program. They obviously will not be comfortable within such a limited functionality. For use in large organizations, the web version of Excel is too perfect not 100%. Especially in case if some of your users will work with documents in a typical desktop version of the application. Not the fact that the outcome document will be compatible with the web.

Nevertheless, its admirers, the product must find: freelancers, entrepreneurs, managers of small companies. They are all in one way or another can use this product that definitely impresses its free, a set of basic functions and, of course, the possibility of joint work. We can only wait for updates of the Excel Web App and understand the vector of its development, which will depend only on the desires of Microsoft.

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