everyone should know: PC and its main components

By | 10.12.2018

Literacy: PC and its main components

The computer is probably the most popular subject in the world. The total number of PCs on the earth for a long time already exceeds the population. Unfortunately, many people don’t know much about computers, what they often have questions, but finding answers is very difficult. Beginners with this task very difficult to cope, so in this publication we give a brief overview of the General device of a personal computer.

Это должен знать каждый: компьютер и его основные компоненты

And so, each computer consists of:

  • input devices — mouse, keyboard;
  • output devices — monitor, printer (if any).

But all this external computer device, that is, those elements that we directly use: a keyboard to enter desired text; the mouse to move the cursor (the arrow on the monitor, whom everyone called the mouse); the monitor is needed in order to learn about what’s going on with your computer.

But still, all of these elements side, that is, without them the computer will work (if you want, you can try to disconnect all the wires and start the computer). Much more important to talk about the inner workings of the computer. You’re probably wondering what’s hiding in this shell?

And so, inside the PC «hide» the following device:

  • processor;
  • motherboard;
  • Board RAM;
  • video/sound/network card;
  • hard drive;
  • the power supply unit.

The CPU is the most important part of a computer, for example, is the brain of the computer. No operation inside a PC does not occur without involving the processor.

Motherboard — this Board, where all the elements of a computer, that is a field where there are all devices.

The graphics card needs to display information on the monitor. Imagine a computer without a monitor completely useless thing, only a programmer could professional using hot keys to record something, but for us, ordinary people, a PC without a monitor, it’s completely unnecessary thing.

Sound card (optional) – I think you already understood that this map in order to hear the sounds (remember the sound when you load your OS).

Network card we need in order to get online.

RAM is memory that the computer can use for its calculations.

Hard disk is the place where stores all the information that your operating system, programs, and more.

Finally, the power supply is a device that supplies electricity to each part of the computer.

Of course, there are many other PC components, but even the slightest understanding of the principle of operation of the computer and enough knowledge of these elements and their main tasks.

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