Escape from XP: a game for those who want to say goodbye to Windows XP

By | 10.12.2018

Escape from XP: a game for those who want to say goodbye to Windows XP

To demonstrate the capabilities of its browser, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft released a fun game Escape from XP («Escape from XP»), which also serves as a reminder to users about the termination of support for Windows XP.

The game begins with the familiar loading screen, and the equally famous «blue screen of death». The plot revolves around the hero, climbed to the top of the pile of open browser Windows Internet Explorer 6. The player will have to defeat the army of bugs, legacy devices, etc. – all this against the background of the desktop of Windows XP.

To control the character use the keyboard W, A and D to move, arrow keys for firing and Q to switch weapons.

To play Escape from XP, you should click on this link (tested in Chrome and Internet Explorer).

It should be noted that along with Windows XP, on April 8 was stopped and support for Internet Explorer 6. The most hated browser of all time, even Microsoft had a monopoly in this market, and this despite the fact that IE6 was never fully compatible with web standards. After five years after IE6, the software giant has released Internet Explorer 7, which, however, was not much better. And only the latest version of the browser became a serious competitor to Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Most web developers don’t support this browser for many years, which is quite logical, given that he was not even able to pass the Acid3 test. However, according to statistics for March, IE6 is still used by about 4.15% of the Internet users.

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