Error 868 when connecting to the Internet Beeline

By | 10.12.2018

Error 868 when connecting to the Internet Beeline

Error 868 when connecting to the Internet Beeline is occurring on different hardware. The cause of its occurrence in most of the cases lies in the setup of DNS, but there are exceptions. To cope with such a nuisance in various ways. It usually takes minimum amount of time. Any special skills or knowledge is not required for this.

About this error

In the event of trouble of this type on the personal computer screen appears the message: «remote connection failed to install because it is unable to resolve the name of the remote access server».

Most often No. 868 appears when creating a connection the following types:

  • VPN;
  • PPTP;
  • L2TP.

Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

This error most often appears when working with providers Beeline. A little less you can still find it when you configure the connection to the global network through the TTR, the Stork and Ufanet.

This problem is inherent only in the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows 8.1.

In the previous versions of the OS considered a nuisance are not met.


Today often Error No. 868 occurs for one of four reasons:

  • incorrect DNS server.
  • The DNS client is disabled.
  • port 53 is blocked;
  • the problem occurs because of equipment failure.

If an Error message occurs for one of three reasons, to eliminate it on their own. It does not even need to get up from behind his computer. Enough to use a keyboard, mouse, and control panel in the start menu. If there was a breakage in the equipment at the station provider, in this case, we can only notify technicians and wait for action.

Video: How to fix error

Find the solution

To take any measures to eliminate the problem, you need not hurry. As otherwise it is likely to aggravate the situation, by entering incorrect parameters. That will lead to the need to configure the connection again. The procedures vary depending on the cause.

The user must do the following:

  • configure DNS;
  • enable DNS on the personal computer through the registry;
  • unblock port # 53.

Setting DNS service

Often to reconnect to the Internet it is only necessary to correctly specify the DNS-server. This problem usually occurs if the corresponding field settings TCP/Robosnake the wrong address, or it does not specified it is set to an empty value.

In this case, the operating system Windowsпри trying to establish a connection to the equipment of the provider simply cannot connect to the VPN server due to the inability of converting hostname server IP address type. In this case, the personal computer gives Error868.

Resolved problems of this type is quite simple:

  • open the applet is Run (via the «start» button or by pressing the key combination «Windows»+»R»);

    Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

  • the screen will display a field to enter, you must write in it ncpa.cplпосле press «OK» or «Enter»;
  • a window will open «Network connections»;
  • click the right mouse button on the icon, under which there is the inscription «local area Connection»;
  • open context menu – choose «properties»;
  • allocated to the left click «Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv.4);
  • you should tick the box next to the following items:
  1. o «Obtain an IP address automatically»;
  2. o «to Obtain the DNS server address automatically»;
  • click on «OK» or press «Enter» on the keyboard.

Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

The input parameters of the DNS server is over. In most cases, it helps to configure the connection to the global network through the provider Beeline. Often, for some reason, initially, in the process of creating connections are incorrect parameters. That is why, first of all, you should check the DNS settings.

Enable DNS service

Most often, the service DNSclient is enabled on the personal computer by default on the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP;
  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows 8.1.

But sometimes this service is disabled arbitrarily. This can happen under the influence of any virus or just a system failure from a serious error, incorrect software installation. In the event of a service outage of this type, the request will not be processed correctly and the connection to the Internet to create fail – will be given an Error message 868.

To check if the client DNS, you must:

  • start «Run» via the «start» button or the key combination «Win»+»R»;
  • write in the box the command: services.msc;

    Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

  • a window will open which will present a list of all existing Windows services, find «DNS client» («DNS-client») – viewing it condition;
  • this service must be active in automatic mode.

    Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

If the service is disabled, you must do the following:

  • under «startup Type» choose «Automatic»;
  • under «Status» select «Run».

868 if the Error occurred due to a disconnected service, then performing the above steps will allow to cope with the problem.

Blocked port 53

Also problems with the Internet due to the occurrence of Error No. 868 may arise due to the paranoia of the user. Many are very much afraid of hacking and block all without exception connect. Often the list gets closed ports and # 53. When this situation occurs, the connection with the Internet simply cannot be installed.

Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

Therefore, when an error of this type you need to open the security settings Windows, and carefully to view them. Because of the probability of that port 53 TCP / UDP blocked. We should not ignore the fact that the message says «port is open». It means only that the system is ready to proceed with the connection, but it fails.

Consider the blocked port is usually a firewall. Because to solve the problem, you must reset. In most cases, you simply need to create an allow rule that allows Protocol TCP, and UDP to work constantly via port No. 53.

To open firewall Windows 7/8 should:

  • open «control panel»;
  • on the keyboard to type «Firewall»;
  • in the left pane click on «advanced settings»;
  • enter the password of the administrator account;

    Ошибка 868 при подключении к интернету Билайн

  • find the item called «inbound Rules» — it is located in the left window pane;
  • click the mouse on the «create rule…»;
  • open the «rules wizard …» — make the appropriate number, select TCP, and UDP.

Video: the Port is open

Problems with the equipment of the provider

If all possible problems are fixed and the message continues to be issued by the operating system, then it is probabilistic, there were some serious problems with the equipment provider. Even such a strong provider of Internet services, as Beeline, is not immune from technical faults. DNS servers can fail for a variety of reasons.

To make sure that the problem is actually not in a personal computer, it is usually sufficient to call tech support. The specialist will inform the client about the condition of the equipment through which you are connecting to the Internet.

Sometimes it happens that the DNS settings on a firewall is not used. This provider claims that problems on the equipment available. In this situation, the user will likely need to reinstall the operating system.

To cope with the error of this type is quite simple. It is enough just to check the DNS and firewall settings. Most often the problem lies in them. If all this doesn’t help, then you need to wait until ISP fix the problems on your equipment or simply perform uninstall of Windows.

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