Error 629 when connected to the Internet

By | 10.12.2018

Error 629 when connected to the Internet

You come home after a long day of work, included home computer, going, finally, to relax network games or running your favorite TV series online but there it was… the Internet for some reason is not activated, and in the dialog box, an error message 629. What happened?

What it is

Sometimes when you try to connect to the world wide web via LAN or modem instead of the desired result on the screen of your laptop is suddenly an unpleasant message: «the Connection was closed by remote computer» (this is a common error 629).

It looks like this:

Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

Or in English:

Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

Or can be reported: the remote computer disconnected the port, which is essentially the same.

The cause of the error

Why was that unfortunate incident? What are the causes of error 629 when connected to the Internet?

The answer to this question can be as follows:

  • the most banal, but the most common explanation – the user has incorrectly entered their name and (or) the password (or used invalid characters, Russian characters, I forgot to switch CapsLookи etc.);
  • the LAN cable is not connected, or connector poor contact;

    Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

  • The PPPoE session was previously running and the user tries to run a second session on your computer, but this is impossible;
  • there is an option that someone who knows the data connection (friend or relative), came from another place using a static IP address;
  • incorrect settings of the TCP/IP Protocol connection;
  • lost the approval procedure between the user computer and a modem at the set speed;
  • sysadmin personally carried out the separation;
  • error 629 when connected to the Internet can occur if a recent laptop user was replacing the network card or motherboard, and network settings, however, has not been made;
  • somewhere on line there is a real gap.

Video: Windows 7. Internet connection

Find the solution

The solution can be simple or require you a certain computer skill, with the sad scenario is not without the help of a specialist from the technical support service, but for a start, seven woes – one answer – reboot the machine.

Try to reconnect. If the trouble is not retreated, carefully check the LAN cable suitable for your laptop, connectors, modem, etc on the subject compound. A simple «stuck – stuck ago» often solves this kind of problem.

Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

If this does not help, then make sure that you correctly enter your name (login) and password. To do this, type in the text name and password in any text editor (e.g. Notepad) and then carefully copy it into the password field and login.

If all this mechanic does not help, then comes the analysis of the problem on the merits. Want to define a «global mind» doesn’t work only you (error 629 when connected to the Internet popping up on your monitor) or a problem at the provider.

The entrance to the settings of the router D LINK? Is here.

The algorithm determine the nature of the problem (connection not only works on your laptop or across a local network) is:

  • try to click in the dialog box «Re-call»;
  • if nothing helps, reduce the modem speed is somewhere up to 9 600 bits / sec., and again we try to «Re-call»;
  • again does not help, then try to connect to another device on the local network. If it works, it means difficulties in communication with the provider and have to call tech support. But if does not work, the difficulties only you.

If the only problem you have, then you need to try the following:

  • eliminate the possibility of a double run session on the same computer. To do this, simply should wait two or three minutes and try again. Below such problems did not arise, you should always properly disconnect from the network (in particular, do not pull wires);

    Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

  • a similar thing can occur due to improperly configured TCP/IP protocols. You can search suitable for your event settings. Usually tells you specialist of technical support, when you are connected to the world wide web;
  • if no representations on this score you have, you should contact the administrator of your network, and the phone will dictate the protocols, and you will be able to make sure that they match your real settings.
  • in case to contact tech support at the moment is difficult, you can try to restore the default settings by resetting them manually or with Microsoft Fix it (on official website).

    Ошибка 629 при подключении к интернету

In this embodiment, will simply need to open the downloaded file and follow the instructions of the Setup Wizard. It is possible that after step-by-step implementation of these recommendations and restarting the computer, the error 629 will disappear and everything will work.

  • when everything is tried and does not work, you need to check the operating system of the computer and the possibility of restoring the modem – resetting the modem. You can use the documents that provided you with the Internet service provider;
  • the difficulty can also be rooted in the firewall settings, so you need to check them out or you can temporarily disable it and try to reconnect to the Internet;
  • if you’ve tried everything, but it became better not, feel free to call the technical support you have done all that the power of the average user. It is possible that problems with the server and settings, yet your ISP and it should resolve the problem;
  • if your computer has recently installed a new motherboard or network card, then you have all the details to configure. In this case it is also better to invite a specialist, call the service provider that provides you with Internet services.

As you can see, to solve the problem with error 629 when connected to the Internet it is possible independently, showing some perseverance and attentiveness. Even if you will not be able to solve the issue without the involvement of specialists, you still get invaluable experience.

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