Enable anti-spam in QIP

By | 10.12.2018

Enable anti-spam in QIP

I think many, including me, get the spammers in ICQ. From the left room messages come with is some chat rooms and sites. In this case, you can set «anti-spam bot». This opportunity has the client QIP, the setting of which we consider. «Anti spam bot» it is a setting that causes a person who is NOT from your contact list, the correct answer to the first question, and then he will be able to write you. If true the answer is no — you can not write. Therefore, you need to ask such a question, reply to that spam-bot will be difficult. Until you invent the question, and I’ll tell you where it’s all configurable.

Enable anti-spam in QIP

Go to settings QIP and open the left menu «Anti-spam/flood».

When made press the «Anti spam bot». Opens the settings window, the question/answer, which I mentioned above.

In this window there is a description of this function, the question box, answer box and a phrase that will be seen by the user who correctly answered the question. You ought to let him know he is right or not? ?

Save the settings and make sure that you have enabled anti-spam protection:

All are now evil spammers will be much harder to get through ?

Tip: when drafting a question, please note that spammers have a base of frequent questions/answers, so your question should come up is not difficult, but tricky.

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