Efficient local search in Windows

By | 10.12.2018

Efficient local search in Windows

The search options built into Windows 7 and 8.x are extremely powerful and useful tools that can help you in seconds to find exactly what you need for your PC: from the private files and system settings to the web pages.

Use these settings very easily but there are some small tricks that will allow you to use them more efficiently.

Basic features

To search in Windows 7 or 8.x simply click once on the button and start typing.

Results will start appearing instantly after you type the first characters and you can choose exactly what you need. You can also proceed to enter more keywords to narrow the possible answers.

For example, if you want to quickly launch Chrome, simply press and write «Chr» and then press Enter. Thus, de facto, will launch the first found result.

Эффективный локальный поиск в Windows

If you need a specific document – for example, Text.doc, write its name in the search box and hit Enter – it will open in a text editor by default.

The same method can be used to search for specific system settings in control panel. If you write in the search box the word «Firewall», you will see all the built-in options to control the Windows firewall.

Search menu can also be used for opening web pages. If you write windowstips.ru and press Enter, our website will open in your default browser.

Эффективный локальный поиск в WindowsSearch files

Windows provides a search directly in Windows Explorer. To find a file stored on a local disk device, select it in the folder tree to the desired drive (to search the entire disk) or a specific directory (if you guess where the desired file), and then enter a keyword in the appropriate field, which is located in the upper-right corner of Windows Explorer. Use the options in the drop down menu to narrow the results by filtering by file creation date, size, type, etc.

Management search

To search quickly and efficiently Windows constantly performs the action is known as indexing. Takes care of special system module that constantly monitors changes in the file structure – just as Google constantly monitor the global network to accelerate the search process. By default, Windows keeps «on a short leash» is the most important system folders, such as folder C:Users, where all user files and settings with which you interact on a daily basis.

Эффективный локальный поиск в Windows

If you want to expand the scope of the indexing service, you can do it in the appropriate system partition for customization. In the search box type «indexing Options» and press Enter. Then, using the «Edit» button, you can add other important directories so that they are indexed more frequently than the rest of the tree of files on partitions your drives.

Bing Search

It’s an option that was introduced in Windows 8.1, and it’s very comfortable. Whenever you search for something via the menu «Search», the system shows additional results with information from the search engine from Microsoft – Bing.

Эффективный локальный поиск в Windows

Of course, if this feature bothers you, you can disable it. Press, and in the search field type «Bing». Then select «Specify whether to include suggestions and search results from Bing» to open the settings, uncheck the «Receive options and search results on the Internet from Bing».

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