Dynamic Wallpaper for Windows 10 Mobile: auto change Wallpaper on the home screen,

By | 10.12.2018

Dynamic Wallpaper for Windows 10 Mobile: auto change Wallpaper on the home screen

Dynamic Wallpaper для Windows 10 Mobile: автоматическая смена обоев на начальном экране

The Windows Phone operating system is often criticized for the limited room to manoeuvre in terms of personalizing the user interface. Fortunately, the situation has become much better with Windows Phone 8.1 and with Windows 10 Mobile mobile platform, got even more flexible options for customizing the start screen (adjust the transparency of tiles and different ways to display the background, for example).

Also the tenth version of the operating system contains new APIs that allow developers to create applications with the function to automatically change the start screen background. One developer has already demonstrated this by releasing the first beta version of the application Dynamic Wallpaper that can be used both on smartphones and on PC. The application has a function of rotating Wallpaper on the device screen by automatically downloading and set as background new images from Bing «photo of the day».

Since this is only a beta version, during use, you may encounter different kinds of errors and unstable work, until the excessive expenditure of battery power, since the application runs in the background. Download Dynamic Wallpaper free from the link below.

Dynamic Wallpaper

Developer: Simplisidy

Price: 69,00

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