DriverMax 7.0: the benefits of using

By | 10.12.2018

The program DriveMax: a brief overview

Program to work with drivers DriverMax allows you to organize information about drivers installed on the computer, and quickly restore the functioning of all devices when reinstalling the system.

Among the main features of DriverMax version 7.0:

  • The collection and analysis of data about drivers.
  • Backup drivers.
  • The possibility of automatic recovery.
  • Search for the latest version.

Utility for drivers DriverMax allows you to quickly reinstall any driver or re-installing all devices. When you first start is activated by a special wizard which scans the system and data collection. In the future, a backup set of drivers. DriverMax version 7.0 is indispensable for the maintenance of computers. It is particularly convenient to use it in the presence of the Park from multiple workstations. All installed driver are automatically saved into a single file archive that eliminates the need to store a large number of installation CDs.

Программа DriverMax 7.0: преимущества использования

Use the program DriverMax facilitates updating drivers. Using data about the installed devices, the utility automatically searches for information on them on the manufacturers ‘ websites and offers updates as available are.

The program DriverMax 7.0 is available for free download. Free trial period is thirty days. After this period, further work is required registration utility, which also takes place in free mode.

Upon receiving the key to the program must be considered a small but important nuance. The developers of the program indicate the inability to send the keys for mailbox services and it is recommended to use other postal services.

The program’s interface is bilingual with Russian language support. Assembly 7.0 program DriverMax is fully compatible with any version of Windows. Including the developers stated full functionality DriverMax for Windows 10. Convenience of maintenance and restoration work on the workstations, which provides a free program DriverMax 7. 0, allows to recommend it for use by all categories of users.

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