Driver Booster: a quick and easy way to update drivers on computer

By | 10.12.2018

Driver Booster: a quick and easy way of updating drivers on the computer

«Never, under any circumstances, do not change anything in the operating system that works well!» — it’s the advice you often hear from the lips of a technical specialist, if you ask him about how justifiable the regular update of the software on the PC. In other words, works don’t touch it.

Of course, if your computer is actually working perfectly, no reason to change anything. At the same time, installing the latest versions of drivers for different hardware components of the system can not only accelerate, but also to ensure the stable operation of the computer in the future, and sometimes even bring additional features. But to remain current drivers, download and install them manually is quite boring and tedious.

Fortunately, with the help of one small and free program you can automate this process. It’s called Driver Booster – development of a small software company IObit.

After installing the app it will automatically scan your computer and then will show you a detailed list of all installed devices and drivers for them, if any. While Driver Booster parts features found in two categories: system and gaming devices, between which you can switch freely. For each device in the list you will find detailed information about name, date of driver installation, and information on the most current version of the driver that is available to him.

Driver Booster: быстрый и простой способ обновления драйверов на компьютере

Replace the old version of the new driver is very easy – just click on the «Update» button and the app will download and install the most current updates. Driver Booster is a fairly smart tool, so before to install anything, it creates the system restore point. So if something goes wrong in the process, you can always return the system to its previous state.

The program offers enough options for tweaking – for example, automatic updating drivers for certain components. You can also choose to search not only the WHQL certified drivers, but also those who have not passed the approval process compatibility, which requires Microsoft.

Driver Booster: быстрый и простой способ обновления драйверов на компьютере

The program does its work quietly and mostly in the background, but sometimes the moments can fade the screen, especially in cases when you update the drivers for your graphics adapter.

Installer Driver Booster contains additional and completely unnecessary program, so the installation process for Driver Booster at the first step, do not install them (see screenshot below):

Driver Booster: быстрый и простой способ обновления драйверов на компьютере

Driver Booster is available in two versions – one completely free and includes a simple but fully sufficient set of functions. The Pro-version offers more features, but is paid. The difference between them you can see in the screenshot below:

Driver Booster: быстрый и простой способ обновления драйверов на компьютере

Even the free version is quite effective and can bring huge benefits, especially to users with limited technical knowledge, which, however, you know how important it is that the computer always has the latest drivers.

Official page of the program:

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