do we Need to regularly reinstall Windows?

By | 11.12.2018

Do I need to regularly reinstall Windows?

For anybody not a secret that over time, Windows starts to «slow down». Many users struggling with this problem by regularly reinstalling Windows. But was it justified? And if Yes, how often need to reinstall the operating system?

At first glance, reinstalling Windows is quite simple. And indeed it is, but all related to the process operation takes no little trouble. First you need to create a backup of all your data, then you need to go through the process of installing OS and all necessary programs and then it is necessary to restore the data. It takes not a little precious time.

Why Windows starts to run slowly?

  • Startup programs: if you take a few of the computers on which we worked quickly, but with time the performance came to an end, most likely, on all of them we find many third-party programs that prolong the process of loading, clutter up the system tray useless icons, and consume power of the CPU, RAM and other computer system resources in the background. What’s worse, most of the computers from the store come to us with a bunch of useless programs that are installed by the manufacturers of these computers.
  • Extensions for Windows Explorer service and more: applications that add their shortcuts in the Explorer context menu, which we open by clicking the right mouse button, can cause delays when you open this menu. Other programs can install themselves as system services. Thus, they will work in the background, and you may not even know about it.
  • Demanding packages of security programs such as Norton Internet Security, is often very heavy, and consume a lot of resources to perform all its functions. You don’t need the full security package – install only the antivirus program.
  • Tools for cleaning the operating system: the so-called «cleaners», as a rule, are cheating people. Paradoxically, many of them make the computer even slower if they add themselves in startup and running in the background. Some of these programs install additional spyware and other garbage. To clean and optimize the operating system, use a free tool CCleaner.
  • Browser toolbars and plug-ins: plug-ins, and even toolbars from well-known companies can slow down your web browser as these add-ons like toolbar or «Satellite» from the company can make the browser even slower.
  • Other: poorly written application can bring a mess of your system junk files and useless entries in the registry. Even after uninstalling these programs can leave behind a lot is not needed.

In other words, the main reason due to which the Windows starts to run slowly, is associated with the installation of unnecessary software.

Нужно ли регулярно переустанавливать Windows?

How to prevent Windows slowdown?

Ensure that your Windows remain as new, you must properly serve her.

  • Install only those programs you really need. Before installing software, read reviews about them from other users.
  • When installing programs, avoid installing panels for browsers, spyware, and other «junk» software that may slow down your computer.
  • Regularly uninstall programs that you don’t use.
  • Sometimes use tools such as CCleaner or «disk Cleanup» that will help you to clean the registry of unneeded entries, or delete the temporary files from the hard drive.
  • Also do not forget about their web browser. Use a minimal set of extensions. If any of the extensions you don’t use, delete it so that it does not consume system resources and not slowing down my browser for no reason.
  • Seriously approach the choice of protection solutions. All that you need to protect Windows, an ordinary antivirus users Windows 8 or 8.1 don’t even have to install it, so these versions of the operating system have built-in antivirus.
  • Use the startup Manager to remove startup useless programs, preventing your system from booting.

Нужно ли регулярно переустанавливать Windows?

Advice for software testing

If you want to check the quality of the program without affecting the very system of the computer, use the so-called sandbox (for example Sandboxie) or virtual machine. Any of these solutions will allow you to isolate the test product from the rest of the system.

So when you need to reinstall Windows?

If you carry out proper maintenance of Windows, you do not have to reinstall it regularly. For example, I do the reinstallation only when upgrading to a new version of the operating system. At the same time I do a clean install, not an upgrade, as the latter can lead to a variety of problems, so it is better to start with a clean slate.

Obviously, if your Windows starts to run slowly, and all of the above tips do not help, it makes sense to consider reinstalling. If the computer is working fine, don’t waste time reinstalling the operating system even if you have no reinstall’s been years. This is just a sign that you are doing it right.

How to reinstall Windows?

The easiest way to reset Windows 8/8.1, as these OS versions have a unique feature called «refresh your PC without affecting your files», which allows you to do a quick reinstall with deletion of all installed desktop programs and any other changes in the system while preserving your personal files. You don’t even need a disk to do this.

If you use one of previous versions of Windows you can reinstall the OS from the installation disc or using the recovery partition. However, before you begin the reinstallation process, make sure you have a backup of all important files.

There are other reasons that slow down Windows. For example, the speed of OS is influenced by file system fragmentation, but Windows has a tool to defragment the hard disk, but if you have SSD, then you do not need to do defragmentation.

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