disk Defragmenter: why is it necessary?

By | 10.12.2018

Defragmenting. Why is it necessary?

Every PC owner has heard about defragmentation and the need of its implementation. But what it is, few people know. Some believe that defragmentation and recovery is almost one and the same action, while others believe that it is associated with viruses. Deal with this in more detail.

All stored on the hard disk information is in clusters, or cells, of a certain size. For example, a 1-megabyte file will take two 512-KB cells. When you delete any information, which clusters it occupied are marked as free. In fact, the clusters of cells do not disappear, they remain in place, beaming a gap amid its filled with information counterparts.

Дефрагментация диска: для чего она необходима?

In fact, the information is not erased, but overwritten by a new one. That is why after new data is written, the recovery of information impossible. The whole system resembles a children’s puzzle, from which is removed a couple of elements. To record new information, the system searches and finds free space across the disk, breaking the required files and placing them in different places on your hard drive.

Over the surface of hard disk platters are magnetic heads that read information from it. Them to read the whole thing divided into parts, located in the free space around the disk file, you need to move from one place to another on the disk platter. It’s like puzzles scattered throughout the room in a single picture. Naturally, this requires more time. Heads work with the increased load, so the hard drive can fail prematurely. In this case, the computer repair becomes a remote possibility, but a terrifying reality. In addition, in this case, you may need and restore the data which was not backed up.

That’s why defragmentation is vital for smooth running of the PC optimization process of the logical structure stored information of the hard disk. During defragmentation the files are arranged in their cells-clusters in the proper sequence. The installation of defragmentation programs is an important part of preventive maintenance, prolonging the life of your PC.

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