disk Defragmenter in Windows: two effective way

By | 10.12.2018

Disk Defragmenter in Windows: step by step instructions

Often over time, there is a strong fragmentation of a disk drive, that is the splitting of files into parts, which leads to the slowing down of computer. If the fragmentation is above 15 %, you should defragment the drive. It is necessary for the organization of files on the drive, and will increase the performance and optimize disk space.

In Windows 10, unlike previous versions, this utility is called «Optimize drives».

Дефрагментация диска в Windows: два эффективных способа

The essence of Defrag is to move files to nearby clusters. Computer faster turns to them, and that is accelerating his work.

Utility Optimize drives has the ability to work with different drives. Based on the type of drive installed on the computer , Windows will automatically choose the defragmentation method that is suitable to the specific type of drive.

Usually lack of optimization of the system partition, but if the user often uses the information in the other sections, it is necessary to defragment, and their including.

The utility «Optimize drives» can be configured so that it will automatically perform a defragmentation at a specified time. You can also enable defragmentation on their own.

There are two basic methods how to defragment a disk, and they are discussed later.

Method 1. Using the built-in utilities «Optimize drives»

  1. Open Windows Explorer and click on «This computer».
  2. Select disk C or other desired section.
  3. Under «Manage» click the button «Optimize». You should then open the utility «Optimize drives». There is another way to run this utility. You should select the disk you want to optimize and click the right mouse button on it. Then choose «Properties». Next, on this window select «Tools» and click on the button «Optimize».
  4. Defragmentierung to highlight the drive and click «Optimize».

Defragmentation can take quite a long time if the disk is heavily fragmented.

Clicking the Analyze button, you can see the degree of fragmentation of the disk, and based on that decide you need to defragment or not.

If the hard drive fragmentarea less than 15%, Defrag not hold necessarily.

During defragmentation you may use a personal computer but may be very slow.

Method 2. Third-party defragmentation program Defraggler Piriform

  1. To install the program Piriform Defraggler.
  2. In the list to select a disk, and if necessary, click on the button Analysis to determine its fragmentation.
  3. If it is decided to defragment the drive, click the Defragment button. Or a Quick defragmentation, but in this case, the defragmentation will not complete successfully.

Also use Defraggler, you can evaluate the performance of a drive using the buttons performance.

The defragmentation schedule can be adjusted by choosing the menu item Settings, then Schedule.

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