Directory Opus — convenient universal file Manager

By | 10.12.2018

Directory Opus — a versatile file Manager

Directory Opus is a powerful and reliable file Manager with a wide range of convenient and functional options for easy work with files and folders stored on PC.

Opportunities and distinctive features of the utility

According to the developers, the product was designed to replace the default Windows file Manager, and thereby to simplify the operations with the data. The program really allows you to optimize the work with data, reducing the time required to conduct any particular operation.

The utility fully supports the possibility of work with files, including: move, copy, convert, delete, etc. the Manager is characterized by advanced search features and renaming of files and their synchronization, and search for possible duplicate files by date, size, extension, and other characteristics.

Directory Opus - удобный универсальный файловый менеджер

The program includes a large number of filters that allow you to place files in the necessary user right. Utility provides facility to the user without additional built-in programs to view multimedia files in different formats. For easy viewing and working with graphic data the user can use our built-in slideshow and view the files in automatic mode, and, if necessary, convert them to the desired format.

Directory Opus supports a large number of the most common archive formats and contains many useful and used options, the use of which (in the case of using an ordinary file Manager), you usually need to install additional applications.

To work with data in file Manager has a built-in FTP (with support for SSL and SSH/SFTP) that allows you to view the data in a network environment or on remote servers. With the same goal – the most convenient and unhindered work in Directory Opus is built-in and SMTP-client, through which you can without connected external programs to send the files via e-mail.

Features of operation and utility interface

A distinctive feature of the two-pane interface is fully customizable interface. Ie the user, based on their requirements, can set up the utilities menu and the toolbar (for example, to swap them) and used hot keys.

To perform the most frequent operations in the automatic mode, you can use command language that allows you to automate work with data held on a PC.

Directory Opus can be fully integrated into Windows, delivering much handy work with all the data. The program is suitable for 32 and 64-bit systems. The period of the evaluation version lasts for 60 days, after which the program should register.

File Manager Directory Opus is able not only to replace conventional, built-in file Explorer, but a lot of other programs that are installed for the most effective PC. The program goes beyond standard guides and offers all users intuitive interface for working with files and applications.

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