Devices with Chrome OS are sold even worse than Windows RT

By | 10.12.2018

Devices with Chrome OS are sold even worse than Windows RT

Устройства с Chrome OS продаются еще хуже, чем с Windows RT

In recent months, the media continually point out that Windows RT (Windows version 8 for ARM processors) is a complete failure, and sales of tablets with this operating system several times lower than expected. Meanwhile, the research firm NetMarketShare revealed that business in the face of rival Google with its Chrome OS even worse.

According to a study, devices with the Chrome OS have a market share of 0.023%, which is within the statistical errors, and even Windows RT has achieved the same market share in less than three months since its official premiere.

According to various am, the total number sold is still laptops with Chrome OS is about 500 000, a figure that seems tragic even against 1.1 million sold tablets Microsoft Surface RT. However, we should not lose sight of the fact that the devices with Chrome OS is available in a very limited number of countries, and Windows RT is sold worldwide.

: ZDNet

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