developing Microsoft Lumia Phone X

By | 10.12.2018

Microsoft is developing a Lumia smartphone Phone X

Microsoft разрабатывает смартфон Lumia Phone X

In recent months we have repeatedly seen information from various s that Microsoft is developing a new high-end smartphone, codenamed the Surface Phone. Now a company division in China has published a promotional video about the Continuum, which confirms the existence of this device.

In the description of the video, which was quickly changed, the number of smartphones that support Continuum (Lumia 950, Lumia 950 XL and Acer Primo Jade) mentioned the mysterious Lumia and x Phone.

Most attention in the name of «Lumia Phone X» catches the letter «X», which can be explained by the fact that the model is developed in conditions of great secrecy, and it represents something special. And the fact that the new leak comes directly from Microsoft, is a sure guarantee that the upcoming smartphone is already being tested. It is not excluded that Lumia Phone X is the codename and not the commercial name of the product.

According to some sources, the premiere Lumia Phone X would be held in autumn this year, but on the technical characteristics of the new device from Microsoft is currently unknown, so let’s be patient and wait for new leaks.

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