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Description of the programs print pictures on documents

In life there are many different situations when it is imperative to do some documentary photos: UNIVERSITY admissions, visa or passport, the establishment of student or student ticket, personal bandwidth on an enterprise or making a work ticket and so on.

But often, not always time or money to go to a photo Studio. What should I do? In this case, you can make your own pictures.

In fact, it’s very simple. This will require the laptop or computer and special software using which, you can quickly and easily prepare professional-quality prints and just a few steps.

Photos of the documents

One of the most common tools in the Studio — a program for printing photos on the documents. This software allows you to quickly and meet all necessary requirements to print photos on various documents.

Описание программ печати фото на документы

The main feature of the tool is its intuitive interface, it to such a degree easy, what to learn, and it can even the most average PC user.

To get high-quality prints you only need to do 4 movements:

  • will be determined with the required print size and paper type;
  • using markers, to hold a markup entity;
  • to produce a retouched image;
  • a ready-made set of high-quality prints to print or save for future use.


Key features of the app «Photo on documents»:

  • extensive catalog of formats of photomasks, as well as the ability to create your own layouts;
  • download of photos from various of digital media, as well as from the hard disk;
  • adjust the sharpness, brightness, colors, contrast;
  • automatic placement of photos on a sheet;
  • printing photos on any photo printer.
  • work with a background (replacement, painting, blur);
  • the presence of remote control cameras Canon.
  • converting color images to monochrome;
  • the possibility of replacing women’s and men’s clothing.
  • built-in magazine orders. The journal will help you to keep a daily reporting on the proceeds, and if you want to view accepted and completed orders, including the names of customers and service their operators.
  • retouching of images. The application has all the necessary tools for editing images. The stamp will help to remove small irregularities or wrinkles on the skin, and a special brush will remove the effect of «red eye».

Easy to print

Special attention should be given to printing images. Using the print plugin, it’s easy to combine the pictures on the sheet.

Описание программ печати фото на документы

The program allows you to select a specific number of thumbnails, and put them on the layout in the order in which the user is. If necessary the layout can be saved for future applications.

Описание программ печати фото на документы

Work in the editor

Editor utility has a convenient interface.

The sequence of actions it is quite simple:

  • add the ;
  • select the desired document type from the native directory utility will automatically find the face, producing the layout;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • then you can navigate to the processing and use the adjustment function. The editor is equipped with special filters to change the background and clothes, setting levels, adjusting image;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • if there are flaws on the skin, you can apply the rubber stamp tool, it is also possible to produce a small color correction of the image.

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

Software for printing ID photo Studio

Studio Pro one of the best in its kind application designed to simplify the process of downloading, processing and printing of the prints.

To recover deleted files from recycle bin is very simple. You can read here.

Utility is the best alternative to expensive graphics software such as Photoshop, for robots which need certain knowledge and skills. The Studio program is designed for all PC users, even the most inexperienced.

Video: photos of the documents


Software utilities menu «Studio» is simple and intuitive:

  • the main window. The main window is divided into two parts: the left half displays basic tools to work with the prints in the right – the print preview. This enables a user to continuously monitor the process, which significantly reduces the likelihood of error;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • window adjustments. What would photos of it are high quality and indistinguishable from a professional, the initial image is necessary to correct, adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, tones. The monitor displays three types of images: original, modified and the sample;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • a graphic editor. The built in editor if necessary, you can carry out retouching of the image, also has the possibility to change the suit. Compact editor with all the necessary filters for proper processing: color correction and tones, deficiencies, etc.;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • remote control camera with computer via USB. Due to the fact that most digital cameras do not allow you to remove when connected to a PC by USB cable. The program for printing ID photo Studio has a function of remote control, with its help, the bra can be done directly from the computer one button on the keyboard;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • the self-service mode. For users who have a touchscreen monitor and camera, with function of remote control with the computer, you can make the bra without operator intervention. Thanks to him, you instantly make a photo on a driver’s license, for example, to retouch it, not getting up from the computer. One only has to press the button and the image will be displayed on PC monitor;

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

  • clothing. In the application catalog Studio Pro includes a couple of free templates men’s clothing, and if necessary, you can purchase an additional set composed of more than 120 women’s and men’s forms and costumes.

    Описание программ печати фото на документы

Basic functions

The print program ID photo Studio includes a wide range of functions:

  • fast and efficiently creating a snapshot of just a few minutes;
  • affordable and intuitive menu editor;
  • support of any formats and size of the prints;
  • continuous online update of information about the formats of pictures;
  • the ability to create your own photo templates;
  • a convenient printout of the material;
  • fast calibration of the screen;
  • replacement, coloring, correction, blur of the background in the pictures;
  • the ability to change clothes.

Описание программ печати фото на документы

Both of the software product, are convenient tools for regular use at home. With their help it became possible to solve many tasks simultaneously.

Using this software it is possible for a short period of time to prepare and print the desired number of prints of professional quality without spending time and money to visit photo studios.

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