Dell and Microsoft have signed a patent agreement

By | 09.12.2018

Dell and Microsoft have signed a patent agreement

Dell and Microsoft have signed an agreement under which both companies will provide each other with their patents and intellectual property related to Android, Chrome OS and Xbox. Under the deal, Dell will pay a license fee for every sold device with Android and Chrome OS.

In accordance with the official statement from Microsoft, the new transaction is based on a 30-year partnership between the two companies and will allow them to continue to create innovative products. Wink court drama between Apple and Samsung, Microsoft said that they prefer to build partnerships and to license the intellectual property, not to solve all problems through judicial processes.

In fact, the truth is somewhat different. Because Microsoft owns several patents that are used in operating systems from Google, all manufacturers that use these OS, you pay directly to Microsoft. This fate is not spared and Dell. In accordance with the agreement, Dell will pay for every device sold that uses Android or Chrome OS.

In addition, it brings substantial revenue to Microsoft license fees have a negative impact on the incomes of producers and make their products more expensive for consumers. From a business point of view, none of these options looks good for the equipment manufacturers.

: TechCrunch

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