deliveries of the Xbox One reached 10 million

By | 10.12.2018

Delivery Xbox One reached 10 million

After some period of silence, Microsoft is once again revealed evidence of supply of its new console. According to Microsoft, the Xbox One, which is available for sale for almost a year (at least in the US), has reached significant numbers in 10 million delivered units.

The company says that in the nearly 12-month period during which the Xbox One is on sale, they managed to put in the stores 10 million consoles. This result was achieved this month, partly due to the dynamics of sales growth, which is a consequence of the temporary discount of $ 50 on the price of the console.

This skid is already in use by American consumers that it’s available from the beginning of November. Due to increased sales of Xbox One in U.S. console from Microsoft was able to snatch first place in sales of consoles of new generation PlayStation 4.

However, on a global scale Sony still ahead of Microsoft in this race. The Japanese company has announced similar figures in August. Moreover, Microsoft reported deliveries to dealers, while Sony is talking about actual sales to users. Since then, sales of the PlayStation 4 became even bigger, so Microsoft still has work to do to reach his opponent.

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