Deleted files – can I recover and how?

By | 11.12.2018

Deleted files can be recovered and how?

Deleting files from your computer accidentally or unintentionally may be serious, sometimes very serious problem. When users encounter it, most of them usually start to panic, but the reasons for the dramatic reactions is not always available.

The complete and final destruction of the recorded files is actually quite difficult, and in many industries or public institutions on such activities annually allocates hundreds of millions of dollars.

In other words, everything that seems remote from the modern PC, is not actually lost (at least not immediately), and in many cases can be relatively easily restored. Here’s how to do it.

The faster (and sooner) you react, the better. Generally, you have from several minutes to several hours, depending on the volume of deleted files. In addition, the more you will make calls to the hard drive after deleting the information, the less chance to restore it in its entirety.

Once you discover the lack of critical files, it is necessary to immediately stop work and attempt to fix them. The sequence can be as follows:

Check the trash (Recycle Bin)

It’s widely known option to provide additional «protection against the fool» in Windows. If it is enabled, the operating system moves the files to trash, and only after the user give a command to remove them, they will be removed completely.

If you use this system function to restore deleted files, simply open the trash, select all the desired objects, click the right mouse button, and then click «Restore».

Try to recover deleted files using specialized programs

As already mentioned, all that gets deleted in Windows, actually remains on your hard drive. When you run the command «Remove» the operating system does not immediately writes the new information in the sectors where the deleted file was stored. So if your reaction is fast, you can restore any seemingly forever lost information with the help of special programs that can extract it from the bowels of your hard drive.

One of the best and absolutely free tool called Recuva Portable. Is the development of a Piriform – the company behind one of the best programs for Windows optimization CCleaner.

Удаленные файлы – могут ли быть восстановлены и как?

To work with it extremely easy – just download it from official website, install, run and let it scan your hard disk (drives) on your system. Then the program will show you a list of all of the detected files that can be restored. And everything else is a matter of a few mouse clicks. Files marked in green are more likely to be restored in the form in which they came before deletion. However, the files marked in red are unlikely to be recovered so what you want to see them.

Refer to a specialist

If nothing else helps, contact the service technician who has the necessary knowledge and special equipment that can recover deleted data. This is usually an extreme measure, to which you can resort not only in the case of accidental deletion, but in case of serious damage the hard drive. In such cases, experts can retrieve files even from a seemingly inoperative device, but this service will probably cost you a small fortune.

In conclusion, I would like to give you one piece of advice – make regular backups of important files and store them in a safe place (preferably in several). This is priceless advice, but even today, when options to backup so much data, very few users use them. So don’t forget to back up your files is very reasonable, because even in the event of their total loss, you can easily restore them from a backup.

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