Decline in sales of computers have crushed Microsoft profit

By | 10.12.2018

The decline in sales of computers crushed, the profit of Microsoft

Because of the stagnation in PC sales in the third fiscal quarter of the software concern Microsoft earned 6.5% less. However, the result was above market expectations. Investors reacted positively to the outcome, and during the next trading session the company’s shares rose 2.5%, according to Reuters.

During the three months ended in March, Microsoft earned $ 5.66 billion, compared with 6.06 billion last year. Earnings per share amounted to $ 0.68. 0.72 against USD. the company informed. Analysts had expected profit of $ 0.63.

Revenue fell slightly to 20.4 billion, almost exactly the consensus answer to observers. Last year Microsoft got almost 20.5 billion revenue.

Revenue from corporate customers increased by 7 percent to 12.23 billion. Sales to individuals, which Microsoft offers an Xbox gaming console and Surface tablet that proved to be stronger than 12 per cent to $ 8.3 billion. During the reporting period, Xbox gets 2 million new users.

During a special conference in early April, Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, has promised that the company will focus on innovation, and will not be «fixed in one place a corpse.» The company already has a comprehensive business and along with Google and Amazon is one of the largest cloud providers, and as a result ended yesterday, the deal with Nokia, Microsoft has got serious hardware division.

Over the last 12 months the value of securities of Microsoft rose by 39 percent. However, after April 1, when they have reached a multi-year peak of $41.66, the stock price has declined by about 4%.

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