data Recovery on PC considerations

By | 10.12.2018

Manual data recovery on your computer

If you for some reason removed or just irrevocably ruined the file without saving a backup, do not panic and do all the work to create it anew, although in some cases it’s worth to do. Instead try to restore it using the recovery programs and files.

Programs for data recovery and files will help you to solve almost all the problems associated with data loss. Here are all of the programs designed to recover data and files (of course, given the functionality possessed by the most popular developments):

  1. Search and recovery of deleted and corrupted files on the specified parameters, their further recovery.
  2. Restore formatted data even after a low level format.
  3. Recover deleted logical partitions on the hard disk.
  4. Deletion of data without possibility of recovery, like a kind of protection for small business from hackers.
  5. Check hard disk for hardware and software errors to prevent data corruption. This may also include viewing the attributes S. M. A. R. T. Seems to be not so many possibilities, but imagine how they matter.

The basic principle of these programs is to take as little space as possible so you don’t accidentally overwrite the deleted data. The best representatives of similar programs, the assurances of developers, it can recover data and files with a probability of 90%. However, a better way to recover text documents, but media files such as pictures, music and videos will have to suffer. The reason is that even if you do not recover at least one kilobyte of this file, you will certainly get nothing.

Therefore, it is necessary to proceed with the restoration

If you deleted the desired file, then:

  1. Don’t touch anything.
  2. On another computer pick up your favorite program to recover files and data.
  3. Install this software to restore files and data on the computer on which the deletion occurred.

ATTENTION! Install strictly necessary on another partition, not to overwrite the remote file (or run the program to recover data from a cd-ROM drive if the software to recover files and data allows it)

  1. Locate and restore the deleted file. Well, that’s all. Be careful not to delete your files. If you have already made a mistake, then I hope this article you something to help with recovery.

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