data Recovery from micro SD card

By | 10.12.2018

Data recovery from micro SD card

With the development of electronics each of the user devices that use to store map information in various formats. Among the most common are the SD cards that supported digital cameras, camcorders, smartphones, tablets and e-books.

Sometimes their use can lead to a number of problems leading to the loss of stored data. In this case, do not despair, because the data possible to recover. About this process will be discussed next.

Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

Why rebuild

The device can store large amounts of information – personal photos and videos, documents or music. This loss could be very unpleasant for the user, especially if their copies do not exist. There is a need to restore the files you need.

For this we need:

  • personal computer;
  • SD card lost information;
  • access to the Internet;
  • a reader for the SD card (or the corresponding input on the PC).

The reasons for loss of files

Causes of data loss can be multiple:

  • accidental deletion of files by the user;
  • unplanned formatting of the device;
  • malfunctions, leading to the appearance of «broken» sectors and violation of the integrity of the file system.

Video: restoring the flash drive that does not start

Algorithm recover data from SD card

Next, we review the main steps necessary for recovery, and programs designed for this purpose.

Check your recycle bin on the map

First thing to check is the basket, which could contain deleted files. SD card itself does not have a separate basket, but if at the time of deletion it was connected to a tablet or other device with its operating system, then they could get in to the appropriate basket.

Their search should begin with this step:

  • plug the device to the computer;
  • once detected, go to «My computer»;

    Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

  • here, open the device and find the trash (Recycle bin);
  • if the files are left in it, restore them or copy in the right directory.

If the files do not exist – moving on to the next instructions that will help to restore them.

Do not use the card after deleting files

It is very important that after deleting map files is no longer used. New data can overwrite the lost that will lead to their final destruction.

Download and install AT

Programs for data recovery there are so many. Their choice depends entirely on personal preferences of the user, because they all serve the same purpose and differ only in one or two tools and interface. For example, you can use R-Studio R. saver or Active File Recovery. Download the software and install it on your PC.

Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

Plug in the SD card

Now you need to connect your computer to the SD card or device in which it is located. You can use the USB port, built-in or external card reader.

Run the program

Start direct data recovery.

We will consider the example of a R-Studio:

  1. run it and study the user interface;
  2. in the displayed list of connected drives and devices to select the card which contains the lost data;

    Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

  3. click on the option «Scan» and then «Advanced»;
  4. when restoring a certain type of information select the option «Known file types» and specify the desired format or formats that will speed up the process;
  5. if necessary scan of all the information on the device, put a check in the box «Search for known file types»;

    Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

  6. specify the type of scanning: for a small device you can select «detailed view», which will contain additional information, for large amounts from this option should be abandoned in order to save time;
  7. begin the scan and wait for it to finish.

Browse through the list of files

Depending on the amount of content and the selected type of scan, the process will vary from several minutes to several hours. At this time do not disconnect the power or remove the device. After determining the stored information and build a list of the necessary data. Also here you can view information about the files, date created, size, type.

Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

Select the files

Now select the data you want to recover by placing a check mark next to them.

Restore data

Select the option «Recover marked» or if you want to restore all files, click the right mouse button and from the list that appears, click «Restore all files».

The program will offer to choose a place to store data and start the recovery process, the duration of which will depend on the amount of information.

Восстановление данных с микро SD карты

As you can see, data recovery on the SD card – the process is simple and available to each user. Armed with this manual, you can quickly restore the information that seemed lost forever and continue to not be afraid of such problems.

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